Tricks to Disguise Short Fringe-Tips

Fringes are the main bet for women who want to change the look without moving much on hair color, length, among other methods. Fringes make a lot of difference in the look, being cut so that it matches the shape of your face and your style. Many times we will bet on the sets of the moment, in which celebrities are using and we ended up not liking the result, or else by a mere cut wrong, are among these and other occasions that come up short fringes. There are many women today who adhered to the style and enjoyed it, but others that have failed to adapt. With this we will see some ways to disguise the short bangs until they grow up.

Tips tricks to disguise short


Maybe by some error or to try something new, very short fringe cut does not please many people, in fact the vast majority. But there’s no way to undo the mistake now is only expected to grow, however, for the comfort of women who committed this error, there are a few tricks that can help them at that stage to want if disheveled. It is possible to disguise the franklin with some accessories and hairstyles, check it out.

Tiaras or headbands: the tiaras and headbans are not only beautiful and charming, they are great allies to hide the franklin. She holds the fringe so that it doesn’t feel like you’ve cut. The pros of using this type of accessory, is that there are a variety of models, and can be used with hair up or short. In addition it is possible to use it in casual and more formal situations, giving a sophisticated air to the look.


Hairstyles: you can use a volume, coquette hairstyle is very romantic and easy to make, you can also use on several occasions. You just put the fringe up, form a volume, twist and secure with clips or rubber bands. For recorçar you can use a good fixer, and nobody will notice the actual size of your bangs.


Another hairstyle that you can do on this occasion is the braid. To braid and put aside is a simple and romantic, and in seconds your bangs short disappeared.


Wet hair is a very modern hairstyle, and used by the famous and fashionistas. Is nothing less than putting all your hair back with a fine-tooth comb and a good fixative so that it stays in place.


Turbans: is a super fashion accessory and daring, many people still have a bias with the turban, but it adds a lot of style and attitude to look, not to mention that will hide your microfranja.


Scarves and banners: the tissues and the tracks are very handy to hide your bangs, are beautiful and full of style. Besides, you can have many of them, with various prints, colors and fabrics.


Appliques: for those who don’t want to give up, bangs can resort to weave, today you can find several models of extensions just fringes with colors and different sizes, which can give an up in your visual grid.


With all these tips you will no longer need to be desperate with the fringe that was too short, or you take the model or adopt any of the tricks. Style and option are what will not miss for you to use during the growth process of franklin.