Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

You know those three, four lipsticks that have scattered on the bottom of your purse? Retrieve it: it’s time to take advantage of them. Because all we buy and buy back lipsticks that we worship, we have so many that sometimes we lose them and then find them somewhere and start to love them as if for the first time.

But it often happens that although we love a product, we do not do everything to make the best possible use. Who said that you can only use a lipstick on the lips? Who said that just buy a color that we like as long as it’s okay? Here then are some tricks that all should know to make the lipstick our workhorse.

Exfoliates lips with a small brush mascara

Exfoliate the lips is essential before applying lipstick, especially opaque ones that make a lot more visible imperfections and fine lines of the lips. Not only that, having a surface with no dry spots or cuticles will last longer lipstick.

Use lipstick as blush too

It is not always easy to find a blush and a lipstick that they’re perfectly together. Nothing could be simpler than using lipstick you are wearing on your lips even on the cheeks will make natural makeup and perfectly coordinated.

Reuse broken eye shadows as lipsticks

Who said that the tricks have only one life? If your favorite color for the eyes falls and breaks, but it is a color that you wear on your lips, do not give up: put the pieces of dust in a small container and mix with the right balm just enough to spread it on lips. Et voila, new lipstick is!

Neutralizes the lips too dark with concealer

The tone of the lips affect the final color of lipstick, especially if they are prone to dark pink or red. If you want your lipstick to appear exactly as in the bullet, then lie down with your finger a bit ‘of concealer before applying.

Changes shape to your lips by covering them with concealer and ridisegnandole

You can make your mouth much more meaty drawing the right line outside the natural one with a pencil. He then goes on to fill them with a pencil for a matte look or finish with a gloss (Kylie Jenner docet!).

Dries the lips between one layer and another of lipstick

Dab your lips with a piece of paper between an application and the other will last longer the product, drying the excess oil and making it adhere better to avoid going between the fine lines or drool.

Choose the best neutral shade for you

It must be always a shade darker than your skin tone. Light skin: Try a nude with pink shades;Medium skin: Try a nude with orange undertone; Dark skin: chocolate brown test with a brilliant finish or brown caramel neutralize your natural red undertone.

Find the perfect red

“Russian Red” Mac does not mean “perfect red” for all. Also in this case it depends on the skin tone. Light skin Choose a blue undertone; olive skin: opt for a red-orange; Dark skin: Try a red burgundy (although the latter can also be beautiful shade of those who have very fair skin, for a “dark” effect).

By volume to your lips

Apply lipstick with a darker shade of color on all lips; then choose one of the same color family, but of a much lighter shade, and apply to the center (you can also use the concealer, for an even more pronounced effect).

And finally, one last tip that will solve most of the problems of laundry of us women:

Use hairspray to perfectly remove lipstick stains

Sprays hairspray on the stain (though attention to the most delicate fabrics!) And let it dry out for a few minutes. Dab the area and then wash it in the washing machine.