Trick to Enlarge Brown Eyes

This is the small brown eye makeup kit and secrets of makeup artist Paul Starr to enlarge and brighten the look.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba are among the stars from “Brown eyes” more fascinating and overwhelming. Are you not agree? Still, their giant eyes and non-piercing are just a gift from nature… far from it!

What gives their little eyes and Brown, a “great and disturbing” are tricks from experts of the trade. That’s why we reveal the secrets to enlarge the look used by make-up artist of Hollywood stars!

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  1. Eye shadow or white pencilare the first secret of Makeup Artist Paul Starr:
    Dust or white pencil give the eye the light needed to look bigger it’s amazing, “says Paul – as the little white lights up your eyes and makes them look brighter. It is an ancient beauty secret to makeup artists and if you look closely at the celebrities on the red carpet you can see how any of them are missing this little diamond in their eyes.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclatis the second secret of Makeup Artist:
    As soon as this miraculous subject has come on the market, many have imagined using it in ways that are common, especially as a concealer. The Touche Eclat, instead, – say the makeup artists – should be used as a “highlighter” and as a modulator of light “! The secret of Touche Eclat is to fill the dark shadows that of course there are on the face. Just smear the illuminating liquid with your finger just below the eye and the gaze will become immediately lit up.
  3. The eyebrow shapingis the third secret of beauty
    It’s amazing, too, as the eyebrow shaping can transform the face and the eyes. This, indeed, is the most important secret to enlarge the look: let a professional give craft the right shape to the eyebrows and then keep them tidy with tweezers.
  4. Having long eyelashes and silkyis the ultimate secret to enlarge Brown eyes: mascara is what is truly able to widen the eye! Also, don’t just apply it correctly in the morning, but you’d have to have an Eyelash curler to “shape it” in the best way possible throughout the day. How about we try also with lash ND footballer?
  5. And the lower lashes?Many makeup experts eschew the mascara on lower lashes because they lessen the look. This is only true for some eyes, while for others, the mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes can do wonders. A try is the only way to figure out if it’s right.