Top 10 Street Looks at Milan Fashion Week

ESR practically impossible to select, because Milan gives a lot of Yes in that street style refers, and not by because it is a special occasion, if the same review did out fashion week the result would be Equally spectacular, because if something big has that grey and sad to eat city, it is the estilazo of its people.

They put the note of color and cheerful air that otherwise would not have a solution, and is so it is because they are flirtatious by nature or because they like to pretend, they become unwittingly in the best world showcase.

This mother and daughter, are the best proof of this and occupy the top one of the ranking of Milanese style, because they are not, not an announcement of Comptoir des cotonniers, although they could be perfectly; What are, the true reflection of knowledge dress made in Italy.

At number two this girl so great being able to make a denim miniskirt an exquisite garment: I can think of no better idea who combine with a simple white shirt and a blue blazer. The detail of the boots fringed in grey is the icing on the cake for a perfect look for transition: i.e., it refuses to let the summer but having foot and a half in the fall/winter.

Number three is for the chic sobriety in black. Or how to make your best and most sophisticated ally of the fearsome leggings. OSEA no boots or platforms, one delicious pumps with tie, blouse to taste and something big blazer. A 9.5.

The fourth place is for someone who knows take the baggy pant. Rather the style harem made 100% monkey (thus killing two birds with one stone). In pale gray with vest, and mary janes from leather.

The mit of the table occupies the color, this girl posing encantada to make look portrayed that he has understood one of the keys of the winter, or rather two: take Mallow, cherry, and purple colors, and that takes much muhcisimo Paisley print type. Ah, and shoes with fringe (although to me with it and sandals with SOCKS I not just convince).

The sixth is the wool. Because this lady has done with one of those jackets that one never regret buy, those who harbor a lot and can be with all.

The seventh position returns to black and monkey: this perfect look is based Monkey shirt with built-in belt, cardigan and shoe are salon.

The eighth square is back to the blazer, this time, very casual with jeans skinny black and tight at the waist with a belt hold that will not fastened but tied with a knot. I love the casual touch take him pulling and with t-shirt that not shirt.

The ninth is for one of my favorite style gurus: Giovanna Battaglia, of which I spoke some time ago. It is always impeccable and has a very Italian style: bold but always correct.

The tenth seat is for this extremely elegant and sublime woman who shows that starting from the sixty one can look much better than at twenty.