Tips to Keep Breasts Firm

As much as I don’t want to think or believe this, it’s no use, time passes and gravity, more day or less day just knocking on the door, or sometimes even entering without knocking.

But, the good news is that medicine and the world of beauty in General is very early, that is, Yes, to be able to display firm breasts any longer, but, of course, no use sitting or just celebrating it without taking proper care, note that word order: prevent!

Therefore, no laziness and leave for later the simple care that you can adopt today, believe me, it’s not just the breasts from nearby that fall, all fall down, so move to ensure a nice lap for much longer.

And so, ready to fight against the sagging and stretch marks? No discouragement, note these tips to feel beautiful and with everything on top for much longer!

Learn How to Keep the Breasts Firm


A lot of woman, believe me, is concerned only with the face, even in time to spend sunscreen, forget about this region of the body, which deserves special attention, too.

The Sun’s rays stimulate the destruction of collagen cells and, with that, let the breasts more flaccid. So, apply every morning, spreading it on the lap, can be the same that you pass in the face, and keep it in my purse to reapply during the day.

Also avoid exposure to the Sun in the hottest hours (10:00 at 4:00 pm), away from the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles in the region.

Massage in Cold Water

Hot tubs don’t do well ever, and more, trust me, are not good for the breasts and not to any other region of the body. The high temperature weakens the breasts’ skin that is very sensitive.

The trick is to find massage your breasts in cold water so ascendant with cold gloves, to let them into the shower in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Physical Activity

OK, the breasts are not muscles, glands and fat cells, so there is no specific training for tits, but, can you give me a hand to nature, strengthening the muscles that support the breasts with weight training, especially bench press and incline, and inclined to tone the flying area, and pulled and bent-over dorsal high, which are great to correct posture.

Correct Bra

You’re in my class who doesn’t believe that the bra let the firm breasts? Well, just look for the Indies, will realize that the young have tits super saggy.

A bra suitable promotes support to breasts and prevents the weight of them cause sagging.

So, when buying the bra make sure that is the appropriate size-take a good look at the straps and the size of the bulge-as well as, to promote comfort while using it.

And when you’re working out, use a top right thing, but that is comfortable, so you can get the breasts don’t get swinging.

And another tip that is gold is never fail to hydrate them constantly, this is one of the secrets to keeping the firm breasts, choose a time of day to do this, which may be after the bath.

Hydrate well, drink plenty of water and invest in an exfoliant to this area of the body. Do this at least once a week.


You can never be too careful when making a diet without accompaniment because rapid weight gains and losses cause sagging in any part of the body.

So watch these extreme diets! If you do seek help from a professional (nutritionist) and always try to do gymnastics.


Try to include it in your diet, the World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of 9 g of collagen to the individual adult.

Ideally, you consume the hydrolyzed collagen, which contains much more than pure collagen and this is absorbed more easily by the body.

The collagen-rich foods are red meats and Jell-o.

Especially if you go on a diet, it is important to make a collagen supplementation to maintain skin elasticity.

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of collagen, don’t forget to consume too.

Correct Position for Sleep

Sleep in the right position can also help, and, leaving their firm breasts any longer.

The most appropriate position to sleep is with breasts facing up, thus avoids compress the breasts.

You better not sleep on your stomach or side to prevent the formation of wrinkles in this region.

Firmadores Creams

It never hurts to help mother nature, so invest in firmadores creams, but in choosing, choose that have asset-based moisturizing cream tensine and DMAE.

These products cause a tension in the area, leaving the firm breasts. Apply from bottom to top and in circular motions.

Ready, noted the tips? Now the rest is up to you, keep aside the basic care with this region that, for sure, for a while you will see the good you’ve done to your body and your self esteem!