Tips to Hide Imperfections in the Face

A well made makeup provides good appearance to the skin, but also can mask some of the imperfections in the face.

We know that it is unpleasant when you have some scars and patches on the skin: one of the most frequent is the teenage acne, but there are others. Luckily there are different ways to disguise these flaws with face makeup.

Dark circles: dark circles are caused sometimes by lack of sleep, but all women have dark circles, a little pronounced, other, enough. To disguise them we can use some makeup tricks which are very effective.

We have to consider before makeup to hide dark circles is that we must avoid excessive makeup and get the tone that is closest to the color of our skin. The best option for the concealer is liquid or cream.

Stains: stains on the face or body are harmless, but some people consider them anti-aesthetic. There are different ways to hide them, however the best way to hide is based and the choice of makeup product should depend on the type and skin tone, and of course, a good quality.

Acne scarring: acne can be unpleasant and their scars are dependent on the ability of each skin cure, and this varies from person to person.

To disguise these imperfections, you must first have your face completely clean. This is because, sometimes, the acne can worsen with the application of makeup, and it is recommended that the makeup used in these cases is water-based and that conforms to the skin tone.

Must disguise the acne scar very carefully, so that seems as natural as possible and avoid the excess base. Then apply a little powder.

You can give a better look to your face.