Thin Nose With Makeup – How To Do

Thin nose with makeup is possible since today there is aesthetic resources for almost all types of problems. Many don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror, especially women, who find many faults in themselves. Want to enlarge her breasts and butt, or decrease the belly, or lengthen the hair, anyway, everyone has something in yourself that is not of your liking. The nose is one of the biggest targets of changes, whether men or women. Or don’t like size, format, among other factors, and many people use even for surgery. But today we can disguise that defect or imperfection with makeup.

How to fine tune the nose with makeup

Many don’t like the shape of the nose, the size and say it is not proportional to the rest of the face, which didn’t suit her and others that apology milhões can give for not liking the nose. However, there are many ways to disguise the nose without having to make a radical change as the surgery, you can choose to use makeup instead of surgery. With that, here are some tips on how to tune and stiffen up the nose with makeup techniques.


Commonly used trick is the play of light and shadow that is made with contour or base of two different colors. It’s very simple and not very secret, simply darken the pieces you want to “hide and/or bypass” and illuminate the parts you want to let in evidence.

Below share image that illustrates very well this game and contour lighting:


Below share tamyla and videos of nicole gee.