The Wrong Mascot and the Best Frise

The mascot has a namesake in the sex shop, CESC Fabregas rocks Snapchat and the range of merchandise meets even the most absurd request. The large EM style check.

The official UEFA song “this one’s For You” by DJ ferret David Guetta and Zara Larsson is a funfair Yodel, which immediately the tribaltatowierte calf makes also experienced bumper cars at Schubsern. And the unofficial “Everyone for everyone” by Felix Jahn and Herbert Gronemeyer shocks with emo-Elektro-Schaurigkeit and lines like “Hhhes is Hhhreste of doubt / that your heart only the Atttm who feels alleiiiine is durchwuhln/but eeees”and a verstimmend calculated Umhalse climax:”The Beeeeeben that is called Leeeeben”.Phew!

The most beautiful EM-song comes from the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, not a nice Atschebatsch us yet no matter sing along bestowing the EM Scots participating in a new commercial. Kilt carrier, cows, a pop idol winner, types of Brave heart and the Loch Ness monster by hazy Highlands marching to the tune of fat Les soccer song Krachers “Vindaloo” and sing to salty Gedudelsacke: “Scotland won’t be there/do you think we really care?”, then collectively to whip out the Smart phones and to set a European Championship defeat of arch-rivals England.That’s the spirit, mates.

The Best Mascot Confusion

Super Victor, the official mascot, reminiscent of with his freshly washed boy visage a little Mario Got ze-and with his life gaping mouth lock a mailbox. But that was not enough of the likelihood of confusion: A 40-centimeter giant dildo of same name, available in various online sex shop, versaubeutelt a cute Maskottchenmerchandise-Google results. However, the erotic areas of the monstrous phallic namesake seem limited, as a product description suggests: “For the uninitiated Super Victor is already more than a piece of furniture”.

The Best Hairstyle Trend

Goodbye, Ducktail. Adieu, with a preserving rubber back gezurrtes greasing hair.The dominant hairstyle trend of EM is clearly the Berlin Barista: A beard style Rococo gardens boxwood accurately in the form of more appropriate and easy pomadisiertem Pampery crested, as you can see him otherwise especially when a professional coffee single schenkern in the capital. Jimmy Durmaz (Sweden), Stuart Dallas (Northern Ireland), Caner Erkin (Turkey), Joe Ledley (Wales) and Attila Fiola (Hungary) are exemplary models of hairstyle this trend.

Only Marouane Fellaini sportet continue tirelessly its Bob Ross memory curls helmet.

The Best Merchandise

Much junk in national colors is offered for sale again to this tournament, it is subtle but to steer his costuming urge on a specific player – this is clearly kenntnisreicher and less event opferhaft. David Alaba (Europe) offers quite unusual piety need for football in his fan shop , for example an on earrings, pins with the abbreviation of his name and his Bayern Munich squad number 27, but also praying hands and an “in God we trust” lettering are included in the. Alone the Produktbeschreibungstext needed something divine law writing assistance in the PIN for sale with his obvious punctuation and shift key weakness: “fam this is your chance of a premium DA27 member to be.” Hopefully not contagious.

The Best Snap chatter

Actually, someone should nominate here again David Alaba, documenting not only his visits with Grandma and Grandpa, but also bizarre bad course of his team-mates in apparently very cold mountain rivers on Snap chat. Yet magnanimous, the snaps of the Spaniard CESC are but Fabregas, who is very cute unprominent as cescky4. Sometimes he sings on the way to the training of Rihanna’s “work work work work work”, he likes to go in seafood-speciality restaurants (just yesterday there was lobster back) and at home has a tasteful gray sofa set. And sometimes, if you’re very lucky, he uses even the dog filter with the baggy tongue.

The worst Jersey

Sure, still has the Croatian Jersey, if one too long on the white red Plaid Flirrekaromuster looks, the same effect as at the time this confused patterned seat set cover on the school bus, which left one of the ridiculous 14 km away (easy) regularly speiben. Otherwise, there’s little fashion failures in this tournament-apart from the away kit of the Spaniard, whose brokelig interactive gelb-red-muster speaking of speiben – gekotzer paella evokes very strong associations. The patent design concealed but it should go to something solid after all snot, pus – and blood stains, on the lawn. Certainly the most controversial Camisole of the tournament. However, the German away acts in his grey-striped Schlummeligkeit, after all, just dull Terry schlafi-detention.

But it must be not all bad! Here you can choose the most beautiful Jersey.

The best crazy

Of course, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who else. His possible sayings are beautiful sentences that you would like to hang as cross keyword embroidered manifests of megalomania on the sofa and. His communicative masterpiece of the past months was short tweef, with the Eiffel Tower personally but his Twitter beef. The Swedish International had offered in a tweet, to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, should the city as a small token of their devotion to tear down the Eiffel Tower and build in its place a statue of I AM-normal. He replied the Eiffel tower itself on Twitter: “I love your humor, Zlatan, and the view from up here is beautiful – on Paris, but the Tower, I am!”