The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

It’s no use, make is one thing, if you’re not perfect, can pay the mico of the century. Today we’ll show you the worst makeup from 2014 the famous.

What brings comfort is knowing that we are not just us mere humans, we made these catastrophic mistakes. On the contrary, several celebrities have screwed up badly in make or have not learned how to combine a look very well.

The difference is that when it happens to us, few people are aware of. With them, is history for many days.

When it comes to makeup, some make mistakes by exaggerating, others make mistakes to save. Have those who try to create a harmony between hair and makeup and those who want to make exotic hairstyles and end up ruining the look.

The fact is that whoever did ugly on the red carpet in 2014 will still give a lot to talk about and we’ll show you some of the worst makeup. You can check out the photo gallery at


  1. Miley Cyrus:abused of products to cover the defeitinhos and ended with an outline very similar to a beard. Not cool, isn’t it?
  2. J Lo:in addition to the dregs of correction that was in the corner of the eyes, the black shadow left your eyes d she well, with a slight air of exhaustion.
  3. Nicole Kidman:with a basic makeup too much, the actress abused, that left more white than usual and the excess of botox was clear. A combination nothing nice.
  4. Hilary Duff:the mistake of Hilary was, basically, forget to cut the false eyelashes. This giant wires do not mix anything with her delicate face.
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow:even with the super tanned skin, the actress used a concealer too bright. She probably “took “a lot of Sun and forgot to change the color of the correction.
  6. Bella Thorne:she you should know that it doesn’t match anything use a bold hairstyle with makeup also so .
  7. Sarah Hyland:a combination of colors is nice, but leave all of one color, many times not good . And it was exactly this error.
  8. Lily Allen:she opted for other colors. Hair that caught a lot of attention, two-color makeup, false eyelashes, look to paet. Too much information for one thing!
    Iggy Azalea:the problem of Iggy was not to make, was miss her! So discreet that don’t even show up.
  9. Rita Ora:bleached hair, arched eyebrows, dark shadow and red lipstick? Rita got man of stepmother of Disney movies.
  10. Giuliana Rancic:on the make, it is important to always set in highlight. Eyes? Mouth? But the rule is clear: don’t put a lot of color at all. The result can be nothing nice.
  11. Felicity Jones:give luster to the skin needs to be done very carefully. A minor error any can leave the brightness much like sweat. And that is not ideal for the red carpet (or anywhere else).
  12. Uzo Composting:this is the clear example of that hype too much never combine. Loaded makeup, red lipstick and false eyelashes super long. Much exaggeration pthe RA one make! What do you think of these pictures of the famous makeup? Comment.