The Model Best Dressed Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A Rosie Huntington-Whiteley happens a bit like a Miranda Kerr: profession are technically models which do not belong to the elite of mannequins that dominate the fashion world. They are more victory girls and less of rare beauty. Less trendsetters to the core and more conventional style. I particularly like Rosie because it is especially adept at combining clothes and make up styles within the commercial.

Sasha Pivovarova is with their foreign mixes Slavic, nor Fréha Beja with his androgynous always leave. Does not have the stylistic oddities of Coco Rocha or fun punk Strip to the Chanel Iman. But I like. Because it is british in perspective.

Is that as good English, Rosie she loves those as own Kate Moss combinations: long dresses with toreras broacadas or beadwork that is usually purchased, how not, Topshop.

Don’t tell me that does not Sin a little boho folk?

Although when you want it is the more lady of all.

Despite being brutally sexy not too abused their status and the mini-dresses are you short and tight properly.

It is usually very well choose Add-ins.

And it is graphic fan of bright fabrics.

This year we have seen in multituda of acts, and stressed especially the day of the presentation of the collection by Matthew Williamson for H & M.

Personally, my particular muses on the terrain of the models have always been Karen Elson y Erin O’Connor, but they already play in the iconic League.

As a newcomer, fresh and accessible and copied style, I however prefer Huntington-Whiteley.