The Haircuts Are Ideal for Your Face Shape

A lot of people ask me about the haircuts best suited for 2014, but to choose a cut-off based only on what is trending or is not an error, you must first recognize the shape of your face and then search for a hair styling that highlight the positive features and hide the negative. How to do this? See below:

The Haircuts Are Ideal for Your Face Shape

Oval face

Considered the format of the perfect face, the oval combines with practically all the haircuts. With the forehead slightly wider, and the chin is rounded, presents a good opportunity to try out new cuts and modern hairstyles.

Face square

The jaw angle aligned with a forehead square characterizes this type of face. The hair should leave the face more elongated, and may even have a bit of fringe. A style, textured layers works well with this format.

Round face

Shorter than the oval, with forehead, cheekbones, and jaw width is similar, that is, sections that are too short will only accentuate your features, while a higher cut long, full and with some texture on top can help to elongate your face.

Heart-shaped face

If your forehead and the bones of his face are broad, but the shapes assume on until you reach the chin becomes pointy. The modern cuts, with plenty of volume on top look great with this face type, but with a lot of volume on the sides should be avoided in order not to leave the forehead even wider.

Rectangular face

A long face of jaw broad and the forehead is also what we call the rectangular. Cuts with a lot of volume at the top of the head are a mistake, as a fringe to cover the beginning of the scalp and diminishing the forehead is a good feature to make it more proportional.

Face inverted triangle

The forehead is wide and then the face thins ending in a pointy chin. The goal here is not to allow the court to increase even more the top of the head, the hair should be short, but even so it is interesting to think of a beard to help in the proportions.

Diamond face

Wider at the eye and narrowing of both the chin and in the forehead the face the diamond. Short on top, but not so short on the sides, releasing the hand up of a fringe, this is the cut that enhances the diamond face. Once more, think about a full beard is not a bad idea.


In the next article we will mount a gallery of photos so that you can recognize the cuts most suitable for those who have their facial features and inspired to change (or not!) visual.