The Collection of Ultra Makeup Lancome Lavande Spring 2011

One of my favorite colors is purple or lavender, and all its variants, either clear or dark. The sad thing is that the makeup of that color makes me see sick or as if I had fought and received a punch in the eye, so I cannot use it. However, that doesn’t mean that it not excited me see him in makeup, as in the next Lancome Ultra Lavande Spring collection.

Ultra Lavande is a very soft and delicate collection, nothing is too intense, and you can almost describe it as “ silver and lavender ”. The eye shadows they come in three shades: Lavender, silver and gold. The names of the new EYELINERS they do also think in the same colour range: White (white), Pink Ballerina (dancer pink) and Ultra-Lavande (Lavender).

For the lips Lancome proposal also seems to be very pink, as seen in the lipglosses Ballerine Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin (go with the name). And although I have not found the photos of the labial Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick, their names anticipate more pink: Lily Rose, Daisy Rose and Berry Rose.

Although I don’t use Rouge almost never, believe that it is worth mentioning the Rouge The Rose Butterfly Blush, on these lines. With these so pretty containers, how difficult is to resist. That Yes, have him use it and break the butterflies would give me grief.

And as it is my habit, what I liked most is the Nail Polish Ultra Lavande appearing in the main picture and that is more intense than the Eyeko Lilac. It is not the only nail polish collection, it comes with the plated Silver disc, full fashion color.

Although it seems incredible to me, here we go with the spring collections and touches of color. What do you think about Ultra Lavande, dear readers?

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