The Best Products for a Deep Moisturizing

If there’s one part of the body with which we women worry too is with the hair. Are moisturizing and more moisturizing, cut one way, paint and so on. After the chemical relaxers have emerged many who joined smoother yarns and rebellious hair.

See how the processes of hydration, cauterization and reconstruction can save your hair!

However, many now are leaving the natural highlights and full of curls grow, the famous capillary transition because they want the chemical process. However, we know that today, in the same way that there are several products that detonate the wires, we also have those that help get them so splendid!


Magic emulsion

It contains extract of noni and some amino acids of vegetable origin, essential for the reconstruction of the wires. The best thing is that it only takes 60 seconds so that it can act effectively in. Go through the entire length of the wires, wait time and rinse. For those who have the length of short to medium hair, an amp can do up to 3 applications.

Capillary Bio rescue Extratus

Bio Extratus is already a well-known brand. Here we have a potent combination of argan oil with keratin, the primary amino acid composition. Is perfect for who’s going to spend a few days on the beach and back with the hair pretty hungover. Even there, it is important to use this tube a few times to retrieve the wire structure and return the shine and softness of hair.


It has this name because it can act on the 3 layers of the wire: protects the spinal cord, promotes hydration of the cuticle and cortex strengthened.

L’Oreal Absolut Repair

Is a type of hair Reconstructor you can take instant and deep in. He can penetrate all layers of wires and helps strengthen the wires, reduces porosity preventing breaks and eliminates the dreaded frizz. Is perfect for living going through chemical treatments and just use 3:00 pm 15 days only. On the other days you can use other less powerful products.


Never leave to take care of their hair. Before using any product, check on the packaging how to use not to let moisture too long or less not to damage wires. Find a good hydrating mask that suits your hair type and that offers what your hair needs.