The Best Facial Treatments: Top Ten Facials

Wrinkles, looseness and co:The aging of the skin does not remain invisible.This top ten of facial treatments shows what options there are to get rid of the unwanted traces of time without beauty surgery.

From ultrasound to botox to fruit peelings: If you want to combat wrinkles or liquefies actively, you can choose from a variety of techniques. But how do they help? Here is a brief overview of the various facial treatments and their effects.

Invasive and non-invasive methods:top ten facial treatments


Botox is one of the best known remedies for wrinkles and wrinkles. This is a muscle relaxant that is injected and reduces muscle activity. This, in turn, is intended to temporarily reduce the depth of the fold.The results of the anti-aging treatment become visible after a few days and last for around four to six months.

2. Hyaluronic Acid Against Wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid is another way to smooth wrinkles. For example, the filler is injected into the cheeks when volume is lost. The padding of the area ensures that the surrounding skin is smoothing again.The effect occurs immediately in this treatment and should last between six months and two years.

3. Hyaluron for fuller lips

Hyaluron is versatile. If the Filler is injected into wrinkled, wrinkled lips, it provides for more volume.After approximately nine to twelve months, the effect diminishes and the treatment has to be renewed.

4. Ultrasound against wrinkles

A true all-rounder in facial treatment is focused ultrasound. This method is used, among other things, to smooth deeper wrinkles. This is how the ultrasonic waves heat the connective tissue under the skin and thus stimulate the formation of collagen, which tightens the skin. However, the full anti-wrinkle effect is only apparent after about three months.But for this he holds up to two years.

5. Ultrasound against chatter

Even if they are not strongly pronounced, they can be treated with ultrasound. In the so-called Ultherapy method, the eyebrows are lifted, which visually reduces the louvers.

6. Vampirlifting

Vampirlifting sounds creepy, but also applies to Hollywood stars as a miracle weapon against wrinkles. This beauty treatment is used to inject processed blood, which is supposed to stimulate the regeneration process of the skin.

7. Threadlifting

Smooth skin promises also the threadlifting. In this method, many small punctures are made in which threads are traversed under the skin. The goal is that the threads are anchored by small barbed hooks, thus tightening the weakened tissue.

8. Fruit juice peeling

The fruit peeling helps not only against impure skin, but is also a wrinkle killer.At least small wrinkles disappear, with deeper wrinkles it is not the means of choice.Since the success does not last long, it should be repeated every four weeks.

9. Microdermabrasion

Micodermabrasion is a further development of the peeling. The upper hay layers are gently sanded with small crystals.In this way, the skin should be tightened and the fold depth should be reduced.For best results, it is recommended to perform Microdermabrasion regularly.

10. Thermolifting

In the so-called thermolifting, radiolaves are used, which heat the skin deeply. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration and to tighten connective tissue. But this method requires patience:according to experts, it takes several months for the effect to be visible, which is to last for up to five years.