The Best Bronzers and How to Get a Tan Faster

All we want to make the color of the summer isn’t it? The Golden one on the skin with good old brand in a bikini is perfect with any outfit and any season. But, to have the skin tone you’ve always wanted not just stay there “frying” in the Sun, because it is bad for our health.


You have to be able to select good products, eat the right food, know what is the best time to “catch” that Sun without damaging our skin. Take plenty of water is also something very necessary since this time sweat more.

What you can’t miss this party is the sunscreen, which can not be anyone, it has to be one of quality and to do the job well done. To help you, let’s talk about some brands on the market that are among the best and most suitable.

For those who want a perfect Tan, but don’t like to spend hours and hours under the Sun, a good tip is to bet on the illuminator body.

The best bronzers

Carrot and Bronze


This is already pretty known of chicks due to the many advertisements on TV made by famous. It’s great to have substances that besides helping in tanning also help protect the skin against the Sun’s rays. You can still find one specific to your skin type.

Pauline de Sol


Who look for the packing of this product today won’t even remember the old one, in which the product was in a tube shape very much like a tube of toothpaste. Your formula that has the combination of nuts with Tyrosine helps speed up the production of melanin.

Banana Boat


This bronzer, unlike others, has more the consistency of gel and not an oil. Because of this, he has a very fast absorption while that aspect of skin greasy we all detest. The Banana Boat Tan leaves a great Tan and also has antioxidant action, which helps slow aging of skin cells.

Australllan Gold


It also features the gel texture which increases the speed of absorption by the skin leaving it dry. It has vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant, aloe vera, Omega oils and panthenol. The formulation does not block your pores which is great since when we sunbathe spent before the process of waxing.

Tips to keep your Tan

I’ve noticed that it’s quite common that Tan gave much effort to conquer in the summer out easily but weeks? However, there are some tips and tricks that help you not let the ball drop and continue with a perfect Tan for longer.

A good trick is to fill your meals with foods that have beta-carotene, as the carrot. This substance is excellent to give this golden color to the body, therefore, invest in them. Another important point and that few people practice is the Act of exfoliate your skin before sunbathing. Doing this, the color lasts much longer.

Care with suntan lotions

Well, we already know that Sun in excess is bad is not my people? So, will get crazy to go sunbathing in those riskier times that from the morning till 16 P.M. 10:00. Not worth risking our health just for having a body Tan faster.

Prefer always Tan who also make the role of sunscreen. Moreover, the fact of use does not prevent protective tanning ok? It is a myth that spread around, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. The suntan lotion caters to those who want to stay with the fastest summer color only.