Test: Which Outlined Combines More with You?

You are one of those who don’t leave home without a delineated in the eye and has lost accounts of how many times attended tutorials on the internet to learn a new style? But as for everything, there is one trait that most matches your personality, and maybe that’s what you think! Curious? Take the test and find out the outlined ideal for you!

  1. Which of these looks more suits you?

the) . Love a basic shirt, jeans and tennis shoes of neutral color. There’s nothing better than a comfortable look and stripped;

  1. b) I love giving a vintage touch to my looks, so, in my wardrobe can be space for print, polka-dot skirts rounds and classic sneakers;
  2. c) Stripped, but not both. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I follow only one style. Sometimes I am very elegant, sometimes I wake with ease using a visual relaxed;
  3. d) Bet on clothes with very colorful prints and get away from the usual is my guy. I love to mix styles and mount a well;
  4. e) Babe of the ballad. I’m super savvy on the latest trends and I’m always changing of style as the fashion of the moment. So, if you’re in high-waisted pants, I’m going to buy, but if it was over and now the are with everything, I’m microshorts ready to change the look!

2. What is your favorite lipstick color?

the) Nude. As I like to bet on a sober production, I love a nude lipstick, especially one that leaves some color on the lips without scoring a lot;

  1. b) classic Tones such as dark red and wine. Love to do the pin-up, then nothing more glamorous than classic tones such as these to me feel a real diva of cinema of the years 1950;
  2. c) shades of Brown. They match everything, make all the difference in the make and do not call much attention;
  3. d) blue, black, violet, I really like tones out of the usual. I think the make is valued and makes your production well only!
  4. e) It is striking, but can also be a more basiquinho and how is a fashion icon, is always in fashion!

3. For you, which of these accessories is the most beautiful?

the) soft Cord with a semijóia. He is gentle, unobtrusive and goes well with any occasion!

  1. b) Pearl Earrings. They are performed in the classic and retro look that I love so much; here at iTypeUSA you can get more different models of the products.
  2. c) metal Cuff very minimalist. This type of accessories gives a touch of charm to more to my looks more fashion;
  3. d) A stylish ring with stones of crystals;
  4. e) giant hoop earrings. I love the fact that this accessory can give a look!

4. If you were a celebrity, who would you be?

the) Camila Queiroz. Love the looks, but always well produced it!

  1. b) Amy Winehouse. Supreme diva, Queen of retro looks, the outlined just love kitten!
  2. c) Kendall Jenner. I Love Kendall! Sometimes she comes out every produced, sometimes comes out with pajamas. Love that versatility;
  3. d) Lady Gaga. Gaga is Queen of creating different things and make them unique. So, I have no doubt that my style really different super combines with hers;

and) Kylie Jenner. I’m always a view among my friends as the most fashionista, which is linked in all that make up and throw and so I identify with the personality of the younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

5. How would you define your style of make in a Word?

the) Discreet;

  1. b) classic;
  2. c) modern;
  3. d) Extravagant;
  4. e)


Most A-Lined Traditional

You is basic, but still a make well made and designed for the visual. Therefore, the traditional brand presence on the outlined production but will not become the center of attention on the look is just right for you!

Most B-Delineated Kitten

Vintage, retro and pretty cool, you love classic inspirations and you leave the face divas of the 1950, so the best Kitty outlined translates your visual and style! But worth trying other options from time to time to vary in production.

Most C-Designed Chart

Stripped, but not so much, you like to try different inspirations but that have a touch of sophistication. The graphic eyeliner is an option well fashionista, which increases your eyes, let the look more sexy and very glamorous!

Most D-Delineated Leaked

Creative, irreverent and diferentona, the outlined leaked this artist combines and lot from inside of you! In addition, the style can also mix different colors of eye-liner to a visual even more unique and striking.

Most E-Designed wing of Angel

The latest trend in the world of the delineated, the angel wing style leaves to make even more powerful and expressive with a slight smoky look and a path that is straight on the tip. That’s a fashionista of carterinha, could not be other eyeliner, it wasn’t the trend of the moment.