Temptu Makeup Spray

What do you think to see the photo above? The first time I saw it, I was reminded of that which is said sometimes, “painted like a door”. That is because the Airbrush It is linked in my imagination to works such as painting a wall or a car, for example. However, does not only for that, as you know those who work in design and photography, and can be used for work and very delicate finishes.

One of the sensitive applications, is the makeup. The AIRbrush Makeup Temptu System, better known by the short name of Temptu, is a makeup applied with an airbrush system. Sounds incredible said so, right? I can’t imagine with my pulse and precision, be able to apply makeup fast, simple, and close my eyes (the models not close them, so perhaps the product does not hurt in his eyes).

In the image below, you can see the full kit. The complete system consists of applicator airbrush and makeup: Foundation makeup, blush e illuminator, that come in capsules called AIR pods and which can be purchased separately. According to the description of the same manufacturer, what you see in the picture is enough for two months of applications.

Temptu seems to have enough different colors so it is not difficult to find the right to our skin tone. There are 12 different tones make-up base, 9 colors different blusher, 6 tones illuminator and 1 tone of bronzer.

For the touch-ups, that would not be very comfortable to do if I had to reload the whole system, there are also makeup foundations, blushers and Illuminators, all with integrated brush. They have approximately the same colors as the products in AIR pods. There are also mineral powders, in the same format of integrated brush and that serve to complete makeup and eliminate the glare that could result.

So far I have not told it can be used, because even though the instructions are of a surprising simplicity: the Air should be pod (the makeup container) the airbrush, that after light is moving in circles on the face or the area to apply makeup, in fact you will understand more when you see the video that Sephora presented the product at its Youtube Channel.

Arrived at this point, begin with the problems. The first big but that I see, is that both in the video above as in other images, including those of the web site, the final result is excessively bright y a little wet, Despite the latest preferred passage of mineral powders. And that can be seen little natural.

And the second is the price, although the machine is the face, rather than the makeup itself. The complete kit I showed more above, it is worth a little more than 250 euros (345 dollars) and includes airbrush, 2 bases, a Rouge and an illuminator. The single machine is worth a little more than 160 euros (225 dollars) and the AIR pods range from 20 euros (30 dollars) of Rouge to 40 euros (55 dollars) bases.

The truth is that Find it me very curious Temptu and a bit like “killing flies to Cannon”, too complicated and technological. What do you think? You compraríais something?