Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint

You set sail! This new trend edition “Nauti Girl” Essence in invites you to leave for a summer vacation between July and August 2015. Climb aboard … with essence! New products with sparkling colors and summer.

The navy style is characterized by the colors blue, gray and red, and it is precisely the theme of the new trend edition of Essence, rich in new products such as nail polish, long-lasting lipstick and blush apricot-colored paperback with an anchor on texture. One of the many must-have is undoubtedly the blue waterproof eye pencil with sharpener built into the cap.

Do not miss even the limited edition fragrance that will give your skin a fresh, gentle sea breeze. Eight are the products that make up this new limited edition license plate Essence, let’s see them in detail: more… Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint

Giorgio Armani Runway Makeup Collection

A mini exclusive collection from the catwalk: Giorgio Armani remains the king of the makeup for the next Spring-Summer 2015.

The king of the catwalk is he: Giorgio Armani who does not reign alone on the catwalk but proposes for Spring / Summer 2015 collection a beautiful makeup.

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Best Lighting for the Eyes

The make-up miracle to have in beauty case to improve the look and the eye.

We’d all have a bright look and an eye contour rested every day, maybe what we have in the summer days on vacation without worries and everyday problems.
But when you’re in town and you are burdened with a thousand things to do, the only way is to resort to make-up, life-saving of all women.

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Summer Trends in Nail Polish

A mini-guide with 10 tips to show off hands and feet flawless this summer! Let’s see what products to procure as soon as possible.

Summer is the season of bright colors and vivid to show off in clothing, as well as in manicures and pedicures. The torrid summer days make you want to wear fresh and light clothes, to put in the foreground the feet, which have remained well hidden in the winter inside heavy shoes, and to exhibit manicure energetic and vibrant.

A perfect manicure and a pedicure are therefore in the summer of obligation. Feet and hands are in the spotlight more than ever and deserve more attention than in winter to look their best and show no fear.
To achieve this, this article will give you a minuguida with 10 tips for perfect hands and feet to show off summer.

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