Makeup Vampire Steps

A frightening and seductive disguise: how to make a make-up as a vampire in just 6 moves.

For a terrifying carnival, what better disguise than by Vampira? You do not know where to start? Let’s see some suggestions for a make up as a vampire, hungry and a little ‘seductive!

And if you dare with a make up really impact followed our advice and be transformed into a ruthless murderess zombies. Alternatively, opt for a witch trick in 7 moves: less splatter but just as scary.

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Spring Bridal Makeup Trends

All makeup trends to be glamorous wedding day.

The wedding is one of those special moments that many women look forward to. As for the look, the white dress is the first thought that comes to mind, but do not forget the importance of make-up.

The make up is essential for a good yield of the whole, in a sense accompanies the dress and shoes (along with manicures and hair), and makes the bride even more beautiful and perfect, like a queen.

But what are the bride makeup trends for spring-summer 2016? Let’s find out together!

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How to Contour a Round Face Step by Step

You have a round face? Here are 7 beauty tip copied to celeb


You have a round face and believe that the only way to add dimension to the face both the contouring, you’re wrong! You just use make-up (blush & co) in the right way to achieve the same effect.

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50 Shades of Gray Makeup

Some ideas to recreate the make up of the film, or invent one all over again in the gray tones!

50 shades of gray is depopulated everywhere: if you want to pay homage also with make up, here’s some ideas for you.

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