Nail Styles with Glitter

The Polish market has grown absurdly in Brazil. Today we can no longer complain that we don’t have color options and styles because the national brands have evolved a lot. Another thing that makes me very happy is that allergy-causing components, such as toluene and formaldehyde, are being withdrawn from the formulas of glazes. I have allergies and I know how

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Addicted to Nail Polish

Hello girls addicted to nail polish, palpiteco today to make Scrooge even more fashion! We love when it is new, it spent a week even without a “deal” in our little friends. But come and let’s face it, sometimes the conventional sickens neh?! You know that day that you wake up with an overwhelming need to change, flee the sameness and try something different? Well, lately we are with these symptoms! RS. So dear readers, today we want to share with you our latest passion in the universe of “Nail Art”: the FRENZY! Who is Campo Grande (MS) may already meet the kiosk in Shopping Campo Grande, or have overlooked, or perhaps even imagine the kind of news we can find there. The fact is that we are crazy with the plethora of options that the store offers to the beauty of the nails! more… Addicted to Nail Polish

Essie: Special Care with Your Nails

A passion, an addiction or a simple whim. Anybody out there can explain the craze that women have for nail polish? How can a colored tube, so small, enchant and fascinate the feminine universe? Well, we just know that the habit of women paint their nails comes from afar, “long long time ago”. Despite so many uses in contemporary times, the enamel was already the daily Ancient Egypt royalty. Around 3500 BC, the Egyptian women applied a black henna dye on the nails. The more vibrant colors were relegated to the use of the Royal family and came to awaken some preferences among the Queens of Egypt. Cleopatra had a clear preference for dark red hue, already had more taste for Nefertiti tom Ruby enamel. IE guys readers, if there are thousands of years women bother beautify your paws (Kitty, tah? kkk), who are we to escape from tradition?! And you are also “esmaltemaníacas” taken? more… Essie: Special Care with Your Nails

Glazes for the New Year

Girls prepared to enjoy the new year with lots of charm and style? Running behind the perfect look for the new year is great, but we know that not only are the clothes that are to have a visual to rip sighs.More than aesthetics, the glazes are fundamental in time to produce. So today our palpiteco is about the FRENZY, a store specializing in Nail Polish, newly opened in Campo Grande/MS. Sso many cool and different options will, domestic and imported brands, Luxury guess amouuu!!! more… Glazes for the New Year

You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Which hairstyle suits me, what is the perfect Foundation tone for my skin color? There are questions from the world of beauty, you should answer that with 30. more… You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Nails Decorated for Carnival

Carnival is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year, after all this is the day we let life get in the rhythm of drumming with much joy and willingness. more… Nails Decorated for Carnival

Mood Gel Nail Polish

Base, color and polishing in a single product, which remains wonderfully brilliant for over two weeks here is the spectacular glazes Mood Persistance 3 in 1, a revolution in the world of nails! more… Mood Gel Nail Polish

Trendy Nail Polish

For my part, I can not and do not want to do without him.It looks great, lets the hands and nails shine brightly and fresh and even gives the finishing touch to many styling.You probably already guessed that I was talking about nail polish.Beautiful, well-groomed hands and nails belong to the hanger signs of a woman and can be perfected by a great nail polish.As in the fashion sector, there are also new trends in color in the beauty area every season – and this also applies to the nail polish!What are the nail polish trends in summer 2013?Which nail polish colors can not be imagined in this year’s beach season?I’ll tell you!Sure is: It is colorful and anything but monotonous. more… Trendy Nail Polish

Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

A nail polish that changes color with the temperature? Unable to face the summer 2016 without a heat enamel! Here’s everything you need to know about applying and on one of the coolest manicure trends of the season.

He speaks more and more often but actually is not a real news. The heat enamel, also referred to as “complex” due to its characteristics, is a very particular product that changes color in relation to thermal variation. In short, your manicure may change appearance when changing from a cold to a warm environment or vice versa. But there are glazes that change colour depending on the light source and therefore the Sun could tack on brighter colors: of course everything depends on the characteristics of the product. more… Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

Summer Nail Polish: Color Changing in the Sun

We have a super special tip for you compose your look: summer Nail Polish trend, which change color under the Sun! If you are tired of conventional polishes and want to bet on something more daring and different, this is the time.

This kind of enamel already exists abroad for a long time. Before, the change was pretty decent, but currently she is radical. As if by magic, blue turns purple and gold turn gray.

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