Trendy Nail Polish

For my part, I can not and do not want to do without him.It looks great, lets the hands and nails shine brightly and fresh and even gives the finishing touch to many styling.You probably already guessed that I was talking about nail polish.Beautiful, well-groomed hands and nails belong to the hanger signs of a woman and can be perfected by a great nail polish.As in the fashion sector, there are also new trends in color in the beauty area every season – and this also applies to the nail polish!What are the nail polish trends in summer 2013?Which nail polish colors can not be imagined in this year’s beach season?I’ll tell you!Sure is: It is colorful and anything but monotonous. more… Trendy Nail Polish

Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

A nail polish that changes color with the temperature? Unable to face the summer 2016 without a heat enamel! Here’s everything you need to know about applying and on one of the coolest manicure trends of the season.

He speaks more and more often but actually is not a real news. The heat enamel, also referred to as “complex” due to its characteristics, is a very particular product that changes color in relation to thermal variation. In short, your manicure may change appearance when changing from a cold to a warm environment or vice versa. But there are glazes that change colour depending on the light source and therefore the Sun could tack on brighter colors: of course everything depends on the characteristics of the product. more… Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

Summer Nail Polish: Color Changing in the Sun

We have a super special tip for you compose your look: summer Nail Polish trend, which change color under the Sun! If you are tired of conventional polishes and want to bet on something more daring and different, this is the time.

This kind of enamel already exists abroad for a long time. Before, the change was pretty decent, but currently she is radical. As if by magic, blue turns purple and gold turn gray.

more… Summer Nail Polish: Color Changing in the Sun

Miss Broadway Nail Polish

Crack & Shyne is the newest kit proposed by Miss Broadway  consists of a pair of enamel (Shyne Crack Base + Top Coat) that allow you to create on the now famous “effect crakle” or “crackle” nails that crack the effect.

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OPI Nail Polish Kardashian Kolors

Opi Announces New Kardashian Kolors collection. After the collections of the famous OPI Serena Williams and Katy Perry here is a new line that celebrates new screen star.

more… OPI Nail Polish Kardashian Kolors

How to Make a Polka Dot Nail Art


The nail art, that the decorations on the nails, are now all the rage and many wish they could create at home a professional manicure. In the following guide so we’ll see some helpful tips on how to make a nail art in polka dots in a simple and intuitive. The inspiration of decorum, in this case, refers to the skirts worn by actresses in the seventies: polka dots, polka dots and even polka dots, colorful, lively and fun. Here’s the technique to have the beautiful nails and perfect to show off at a theme party, or even for a more casual look to use every day. Follow me step by step, then, and we proceed!

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Nail Art: How to Draw Roses


Today take care of their hands no longer means making a simple manicure and a coat of enamel, in fact always have hands able to attract attention in a positive way, means above all use a decorative technique that takes the name of nail art.

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OPI Gwen Stefani Collection 2014

Opi has accustomed well as the quality and originality of its products there, to see testimonials or collaborations with real characters of the show that dictate the rules of fashion, and this is the time Gwen Stefani, with enamels collection will blossom in early 2014.

more… OPI Gwen Stefani Collection 2014

Faby Nail Polish Review

Fashion and beauty mingle together and grow together, evolve and make history. So it is no coincidence that a trademark modern and innovative as Genny chose Faby Line to create the look of nails spring summer 2016 fashion show.

The Genny 2016 show was notable for a triumph of glare and glamor of Art Deco-inspired details, a refined style and sophisticated, always modern. Strict geometric lines combine with extremely feminine elements in which precious fabrics tell the story of a woman strong and bewitching. more… Faby Nail Polish Review

Comic Nail Art Tutorial

The new trend nail this summer 2015 are the nails themed comic, funny and sparkling to show off both hands and feet. For those who are tired of simple and classic manicure, can take inspiration from comic books and cartoon characters to make a extravagant nail art, cheerful and colorful super. If you prefer a more fair result, but you like the cartoon, try to focus only on the ring finger and opts for a solid color, perhaps pastel, a very fashionable color this’ year, for the other. Let’s find out the themed nail art comic most widespread on social:

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