The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

It’s no use, make is one thing, if you’re not perfect, can pay the mico of the century. Today we’ll show you the worst makeup from 2014 the famous. What brings comfort is knowing that we are not just us mere humans, we made these catastrophic mistakes. On the contrary, several celebrities have screwed up […]


Latest Trends in Hairstyles

When we think of the chignon, the first thing that comes to mind are the precise and neat hairstyles of ballet dancers, but over the years this hairstyle so elegant and graceful suffered a great evolution.


Thick Eyebrow Fashion Trend

From subtle forms and gull-wing, up to the new and very new “boyish” and “korean”: the story of the eyebrows, including fashions, trends and style of the stars, with the advice to choose the right ones for each face! The (old) new beauty obsession of women? The eyebrows. Thin, thick, graphic, natural, alone suffice to radically change the look and […]