Latisse, Grow Eyelashes and Appear

That woman never wished to have those eyelashes of envy… long, bent, bulky, that make the look even more attractive and fascinating? In an attempt to win them over anything goes: mascara (mascara muiiiiiiiiito), false eyelashes, to dye and permanent that can be done in beauty salons, but the result is significant. more… Latisse, Grow Eyelashes and Appear

Eye Make up Remover Bolinder

In the pink box July I had the ASTOR – big & this Beautyful boom mascara with eye make up Remover bolinder original size in 12 ml + 125 ml test size. more… Eye Make up Remover Bolinder

Mascara for Colored Eyelashes – Top Brands, Buy, Price

Where to Buy, Price and Best Color Eyelash Mask Brands

Many women mainly want to always be very well made up for any occasion, and the Colored Eyelash Mascara helps to make eyelashes look better and bigger and better colored, here you will know the tips of mascara for colored eyelashes, the best brands, prices mask for colored eyelashes. more… Mascara for Colored Eyelashes – Top Brands, Buy, Price

Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

For those who like natural makeup and super light, today brought an option of Yasmin Brunet, which is a registered trademark of model through which it passes. A fan of beautiful mythological creatures, the girl created a mermaid make-up named “Mermaid Lit”.

more… Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

Trick to Enlarge Brown Eyes

This is the small brown eye makeup kit and secrets of makeup artist Paul Starr to enlarge and brighten the look.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba are among the stars from “Brown eyes” more fascinating and overwhelming. Are you not agree? Still, their giant eyes and non-piercing are just a gift from nature… far from it!

more… Trick to Enlarge Brown Eyes

P2 Poolside Party LE Eye Product

From the new p2 Poolside Party LE I had already presented to you two nail polish , which I am absolutely convinced once again. The LE is available from July in all dm markets and I was allowed to test some products in advance. Today I would like to introduce you a few eye products from the LE and have painted a summery make-up in blue and orange / coral.

more… P2 Poolside Party LE Eye Product

Supersize False Lashes Look Mascara

In early December I have the DM Supersize false lashes look mascara get from Manhattan, to you as a product tester for free to try and evaluate. The review ran through a questionnaire that was sent by mail to the market research company. Because I very well like the mascara, I imagine but also like to here it in the blog. more… Supersize False Lashes Look Mascara

Dolce and Gabbana Autumn Winter 2014 Makeup

The make up enchanted beauty designed by Pat McGrath to accompany the parade by Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week 2014 fairytale.

A enchanting fairy tale collection. That’s the 2014-2015 autumn-winter proposed by Dolce & Gabbana and with an enchanted catwalk, makeup backstage could not be outdone. A idearlo was the make-up artist Pat McGrath, Creative Advisor brand Dolce & Gabbana Make Up who also worked on the look for spring-summer 2014. The face of the models has an ethereal, natural look, with eyes well defined dall’eyeliner, embodied perfect and bright lips.Manicures, again on the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week, confirms the trend nude-effect, easily replicable, but that takes a great care of hands to be made ​​at best.

more… Dolce and Gabbana Autumn Winter 2014 Makeup

Eyelashes Trend XXL

One of the beauty of the next Spring Summer 2016 trends are the XXL lashes.

They were already fashionable in the ’60s: Many stars like Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick, Sophia Loren and Mina they were obsessed, and transformed this doe eyes in one of the trends hot at the time. Today the trend is back, irreverent than ever! The extra large eyelashes are made ​​with plenty of mascara, to give the eyes a more sexy and bewitching allure;but if you want to make them longer or more thick, add false eyelashes where you see fit, and if you dare, you are free to pick any color.

more… Eyelashes Trend XXL

How to Contour a Round Face Step by Step

You have a round face? Here are 7 beauty tip copied to celeb


You have a round face and believe that the only way to add dimension to the face both the contouring, you’re wrong! You just use make-up (blush & co) in the right way to achieve the same effect.

more… How to Contour a Round Face Step by Step