Orly Sparkle Holiday Collection

If it is true that diamonds are the best friends of the girls, the enamels with glitter are their Prince Charming! Knows Orly, which for the party of the season and festivals offers a line of luminous glazes with sparkling effects: Orly Holiday Sparkle! more… Orly Sparkle Holiday Collection

Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

DIY wedding Manicure, tips and secrets for a flawless result: lots of ideas to achieve a perfect manicure for DIY your wedding without going to work as a beautician!

Not all brides want to indulge in a full session from a beautician including the manicure for wedding and many prefer to do it yourself; What is lacking, more often than not, is the idea to realize it’s not too complicated to put into practice from the Sun (or helped by a friend). First, we must take into account the style of dress and color, this way you’ll know which tint of Polish use and what fantasy will look good with the dress. Prepare your nails and your hands, nourishing them with almond oil or argan oil for at least two or three days; obtain glazes of various colors, nail glue, tweezers, nail file, nail scissors and a perfect manicure and maximum in creating the manicure for your wedding. more… Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

How to Make Makeup Last Longer

Enamel is an element cosmetic really imperative for us women, especially for those who want to always have perfectly manicured hands. If we use the right products, can help us to protect and strengthen our nails or correct deficiencies. What is certain is that the care takes time and dedication, and it often happens that our nail polish is chipping just a few days after you apply it. However, there are some tricks to prolong the manicure our longer more… How to Make Makeup Last Longer

Summer Trends in Nail Polish

A mini-guide with 10 tips to show off hands and feet flawless this summer! Let’s see what products to procure as soon as possible.

Summer is the season of bright colors and vivid to show off in clothing, as well as in manicures and pedicures. The torrid summer days make you want to wear fresh and light clothes, to put in the foreground the feet, which have remained well hidden in the winter inside heavy shoes, and to exhibit manicure energetic and vibrant.

A perfect manicure and a pedicure are therefore in the summer of obligation. Feet and hands are in the spotlight more than ever and deserve more attention than in winter to look their best and show no fear.
To achieve this, this article will give you a minuguida with 10 tips for perfect hands and feet to show off summer.

more… Summer Trends in Nail Polish