Runway Makeup: Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week

Shortly thereafter, not to say hours, conclude our PASARELA Cibeles up and running Paris Fashion Week 2011 autumn/winter. And today we bring you one quite unusual look of the last parade of Thierry Mugler, a futuristic woman with short hair and big bangs. more… Runway Makeup: Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week

Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

If there’s one thing the it-girl Lauren Conrad understands well is makeup. The blonde is considered an icon of fashion and beauty and that is followed by thousands of women from around the world. And she never disappoints, always parading a visual flawless and radiant, without losing that stripped of Californian girl. On the day the preference is for more discrete, with makes skin light and elongated lashes, when you cross the red carpet the former member of the reality show “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” leverages to loosen the imagination and perfect in more elaborate makeup. more… Lauren Conrad: Black Eyeliner

How to Turn Shadow on Eyeliner: Follow Step by Step

The colored EYELINERS are gaining more and more space in the heart and in the makeup of the women. Perfect for out of the basics, the item leaves the funniest production and is perfect with a more natural skin and mouth nude. Because they are not so common, the products are not always part of the nécessaire. But that can no longer be a problem in time to innovate on the make. With a bit of shade, water and a brush beveled you can make your own eye-liner abusing their imagination and creating amazing productions. more… How to Turn Shadow on Eyeliner: Follow Step by Step

Tips to Hide Imperfections in the Face

A well made makeup provides good appearance to the skin, but also can mask some of the imperfections in the face.

more… Tips to Hide Imperfections in the Face

The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

It’s no use, make is one thing, if you’re not perfect, can pay the mico of the century. Today we’ll show you the worst makeup from 2014 the famous.

What brings comfort is knowing that we are not just us mere humans, we made these catastrophic mistakes. On the contrary, several celebrities have screwed up badly in make or have not learned how to combine a look very well.

more… The Worst Makeup from Celebrities

How to Prepare Your Skin For Makeup

Today we brought you a tutorial of how to prepare the skin for makeup, especially for you who are starting to do their own makeup and want to know how to get even more beautiful.

more… How to Prepare Your Skin For Makeup

How to Make Makeup Last Longer

Enamel is an element cosmetic really imperative for us women, especially for those who want to always have perfectly manicured hands. If we use the right products, can help us to protect and strengthen our nails or correct deficiencies. What is certain is that the care takes time and dedication, and it often happens that our nail polish is chipping just a few days after you apply it. However, there are some tricks to prolong the manicure our longer more… How to Make Makeup Last Longer

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System

Opi, a leading brand in innovation of nail color, presents the new line of enamels Infinite Shine Gel Lacquer System Effects.

These products have been studied to realize a manicure from full color and rich, with an extreme brilliance and a duration equal to that of a glaze semipermanent. more… OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System

How to Use the Makeup on Your Behalf

They all want to be Kylie.

We, mere mortals, we can finally get a little closer to having the “mouth” of Kylie Jenner. That’s because the youngest of the Kardashian  or Jenner clan has just announced on Instagram the launch of its line of lipsticks. If we follow the reasoning that everything she wears turns into trend … more… How to Use the Makeup on Your Behalf

Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Today I came to talk about the Bésame cosmetics, a brand of makeup all vintage-inspired style and with all the glamour of the 40.

The founder of the brand is Gabriela Hernandez, who wanted to bring back art and romance for the cosmetic industry. She created a line that is rich in details and States that your inspiration for this was the combination of your background in art and design, a love of femininity and fond memories of your glamorous grandmother. more… Vintage Inspired Cosmetics