The 6 Best Makeup Bases

If you are looking for the best makeup base, in our selection you will find the best products on the market. We have included models of different brands, for different skin types and with varied objectives, so that you can choose the product that best suits what you are looking for. more… The 6 Best Makeup Bases

How to Create a Flawless Makeup Base

A chic make up for the basic protagonist of the most talked-about films of the year, 50 shades of gray. Here’s how to create a flawless make-up effect, just like that of Dakota.

Whether you wear the clothes of the ‘chat’ Anastasia Steel in the equally controversial film’50 Shades of Grey’, either you wear her, those of beautiful Dakota Johnson, the daughter of art of Melanie Griffith Don Johnson-pair sports a make up always flawless effect, but at the same time glamorous and very nice, able to emphasize the features of his face already beautiful. Especially one of the make-up of his strength: the lips, always highlighted by shades that do not go unnoticed, from that red marsala already chosen color of the year.

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Julianne Moore Makeup Products

Julianne Moore, the beautiful American actress, a woman of incredible charm and timeless elegance. red hair and porcelain skin, loves makeup sophisticated and natural.

Julianne Moore strong woman, elegant and globetrotter (Scottish mother and military father) and, at the same time, very talented actress. Her beauty secret and the key to getting noticed is to be simple, with a touch of pure refinement.

Famous for her long red hair and porcelain skin, as well as important testimonial L’Oreal Paris, it is the ideal example of the fact that beauty is timeless and can be enhanced even more their mature age.

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Makeup Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone, born in 1985, the beautiful actress and TV presenter, after Miss Italy has achieved success in the entertainment world and showed that even very talented.

Proclaimed Miss Italy in 2008 Miriam Leone did not stop and, with tenacity and relentless pace has continued bringing his career to the stars.

His entry into show business began as a presenter at home Rai alongside Tiberio Timperi and, later, she launched into an acting career on the small screen but also to the movies and so, today, Miriam Leone is much loved by the public .

We have beautiful view and very good in the license plate Rai miniseries “The Veiled Lady” and now plays the part of Veronica Castle in the TV series broadcast on Sky “1992”.

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50 Shades of Gray Makeup

Some ideas to recreate the make up of the film, or invent one all over again in the gray tones!

50 shades of gray is depopulated everywhere: if you want to pay homage also with make up, here’s some ideas for you.

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