Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

For those who like natural makeup and super light, today brought an option of Yasmin Brunet, which is a registered trademark of model through which it passes. A fan of beautiful mythological creatures, the girl created a mermaid make-up named “Mermaid Lit”.

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Makeup For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are coming, so it’s time to learn two makeup perfect for Christmas and new year.

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Step By Step Spring Makeup

Finally spring is here, the days start to get slightly more colorful and cheerful. It stops reflecting on our mood, in nature, in the clothes and even the makeup that we use. With this change, in th or the time to change the combinations and the spring makeup is a good option.

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Eye and Lip Makeup Trends

Here’s what the eye and lip makeup trends for autumn winter 2014. As always the trends that come out are two, on the one hand the nude makeup that enhances the younger skins, on the other hand, the most striking trend of warm colors that put spotlight on look.

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Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Today I came to talk about the Bésame cosmetics, a brand of makeup all vintage-inspired style and with all the glamour of the 40.

The founder of the brand is Gabriela Hernandez, who wanted to bring back art and romance for the cosmetic industry. She created a line that is rich in details and States that your inspiration for this was the combination of your background in art and design, a love of femininity and fond memories of your glamorous grandmother. more… Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

How to Do Eva Green Makeup

All the secrets to make a make up elegant and seductive as that of Eva Green.

Eva Green is a famous French actress with a particularly elegant look. Accomplices the raven hair and two beautiful blue eyes, the star always looks intriguing and seductive.

Let’s see some tips to look beautiful and elegant like her.

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How to Create a Flawless Makeup Base

A chic make up for the basic protagonist of the most talked-about films of the year, 50 shades of gray. Here’s how to create a flawless make-up effect, just like that of Dakota.

Whether you wear the clothes of the ‘chat’ Anastasia Steel in the equally controversial film’50 Shades of Grey’, either you wear her, those of beautiful Dakota Johnson, the daughter of art of Melanie Griffith Don Johnson-pair sports a make up always flawless effect, but at the same time glamorous and very nice, able to emphasize the features of his face already beautiful. Especially one of the make-up of his strength: the lips, always highlighted by shades that do not go unnoticed, from that red marsala already chosen color of the year.

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Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips

Soft and long-lasting texture: they are long-lasting lipsticks, valuable allies of the make up of a woman, infallible weapon of seduction that does not need to greater turnover.

The long-lasting lipstick is an essential beauty accessory and absolutely irreplaceable, is the infallible weapon of seduction of a woman. Inevitable star of the beauty case, owes its success to its super soft texture and, above all, to its durability.

Without the need for constant tweaks allow you to show off her lips in the foreground throughout the day, so it’s perfect for women who are always in a hurry but still wants to make up. It can be used alone, with a bright lip gloss if you until evening, or with the help of a specific fixer. In any case the effect is always the same: perfect, flawless and long-lasting.

A perfect product for everyday and especially for Valentine’s Day. Yes, because February is approaching and with it the feast of love, and we are confident that, like every year, you are the perfect make-up research with one goal: to be flawless in front of your him with a make up breathtakingly and which does not require continuous lodging during the arc of your special day.

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Metal Mouth is a Trend for the Summer 2016

Fashion has never been so eclectic, if on one hand the matte mouth became the darling of who want to look chic and current, the Mouth is the choice for those who like to dare …

So who likes the novelty of beauté, can go their metal batons in ensuring nécessaire now!

Yes, in 2016 Summershows, for example, Prada showed Golden lips and even the Diva Rihanna posed with a metallic lipstick for Mac. ..

So does anyone still doubt that the metal is the , ups, the lipstick?!

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Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint

You set sail! This new trend edition “Nauti Girl” Essence in invites you to leave for a summer vacation between July and August 2015. Climb aboard … with essence! New products with sparkling colors and summer.

The navy style is characterized by the colors blue, gray and red, and it is precisely the theme of the new trend edition of Essence, rich in new products such as nail polish, long-lasting lipstick and blush apricot-colored paperback with an anchor on texture. One of the many must-have is undoubtedly the blue waterproof eye pencil with sharpener built into the cap.

Do not miss even the limited edition fragrance that will give your skin a fresh, gentle sea breeze. Eight are the products that make up this new limited edition license plate Essence, let’s see them in detail: more… Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint