Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

You know those three, four lipsticks that have scattered on the bottom of your purse? Retrieve it: it’s time to take advantage of them. Because all we buy and buy back lipsticks that we worship, we have so many that sometimes we lose them and then find them somewhere and start to love them as if for the first time. more… Tricks for Perfect Lipstick

How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

The lipstick is not only color, but also technology and performance. Want to know more? Take our alphabet dedicated to make-up the most loved by the girls
The lipstick is the make-up cult of all women: a recent survey of AstraRicerche ruled that uses 92% of the Italian. “Lipstick is a real seductive weapon to please the partner and to feel more sexy,” says Lisa Eldridge, artistic director of Lancôme make-up, which is working on the creation of 60 new shades. “A lipstick is able to reflect the personality of the outfit even more: the secret is to find the right shade and able to apply it to real pro. And not just about trends, which in the end are always the same, but the moods, feelings. The trend is changing because the technology is able to create products with higher performance formulas, bright, reflective pigments, durability and extreme smoothness. A kiss-proof, in short. ” more… How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Which hairstyle suits me, what is the perfect Foundation tone for my skin color? There are questions from the world of beauty, you should answer that with 30. more… You Should Answer these 30 Beauty Questions with 30

Test: Which Outlined Combines More with You?

You are one of those who don’t leave home without a delineated in the eye and has lost accounts of how many times attended tutorials on the internet to learn a new style? But as for everything, there is one trait that most matches your personality, and maybe that’s what you think! Curious? Take the test and find out the outlined ideal for you! more… Test: Which Outlined Combines More with You?

Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

For those who like natural makeup and super light, today brought an option of Yasmin Brunet, which is a registered trademark of model through which it passes. A fan of beautiful mythological creatures, the girl created a mermaid make-up named “Mermaid Lit”.

more… Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

Makeup For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are coming, so it’s time to learn two makeup perfect for Christmas and new year.

more… Makeup For Christmas and New Year

Step By Step Spring Makeup

Finally spring is here, the days start to get slightly more colorful and cheerful. It stops reflecting on our mood, in nature, in the clothes and even the makeup that we use. With this change, in th or the time to change the combinations and the spring makeup is a good option.

more… Step By Step Spring Makeup

Eye and Lip Makeup Trends

Here’s what the eye and lip makeup trends for autumn winter 2014. As always the trends that come out are two, on the one hand the nude makeup that enhances the younger skins, on the other hand, the most striking trend of warm colors that put spotlight on look.

more… Eye and Lip Makeup Trends

Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Today I came to talk about the Bésame cosmetics, a brand of makeup all vintage-inspired style and with all the glamour of the 40.

The founder of the brand is Gabriela Hernandez, who wanted to bring back art and romance for the cosmetic industry. She created a line that is rich in details and States that your inspiration for this was the combination of your background in art and design, a love of femininity and fond memories of your glamorous grandmother. more… Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

How to Do Eva Green Makeup

All the secrets to make a make up elegant and seductive as that of Eva Green.

Eva Green is a famous French actress with a particularly elegant look. Accomplices the raven hair and two beautiful blue eyes, the star always looks intriguing and seductive.

Let’s see some tips to look beautiful and elegant like her.

more… How to Do Eva Green Makeup