The Original Unbalanced Makeup of Marion Cotillard in The Dior Lady Grey London Look

John Galliano wit never fails to amaze me. This time, as inspiration for the fourth installment of the video Dior Lady Grey London in honor of the iconic French company bag. The makeup was entrusted to Stéphane Marais and its asymmetric strokes they are fantastic. more… The Original Unbalanced Makeup of Marion Cotillard in The Dior Lady Grey London Look

Runway Makeup: Toni Francesc at New York Fashion Week

We saw in the parade yesterday by Toni Francesc that bet on makeup was a fantasy. Tremendous faces, lips red, for one of the collections that I liked so far. I’m looking forward to Carlos Miele, Really. more… Runway Makeup: Toni Francesc at New York Fashion Week

Runway Makeup: Roberto Verino for Autumn – Winter 2011 / 2012 in Cibeles

If the first look we saw of Cybele was Jesús of el Pozo, smoked clear, in Roberto Verino It was radical. Especially the cutting of hair wigs that the models and geometric lines, fast parts, fringe wore as protagonists. (Actually, everything was the result of makeup) more… Runway Makeup: Roberto Verino for Autumn – Winter 2011 / 2012 in Cibeles

Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Which hairstyle suits me? A question that some women may spend weeks, if not their whole lives. There are crucial basic questions.

Which hairstyle suits me? This depends on many different factors and therefore there are no simple rules that apply to all. Every person is individual – that’s why every haircut looks different to every woman. more… Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Day

What hairstyle you choose for a wedding? Here are some tips for witnesses, which on this occasion are not simple guests but are extremely relevant. And above all they must stay in the spotlight. The first tip is to combine the hairstyle to suit your choice.

Be best man has a very important role and requires a particular look, elegant and simple at the same time. In principle the occasion calls for a harvest that is the classic chignon or something a little more modern. How to choose? Obviously depending on your dress. more… Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Day

World Cup Puts the Summer Hairstyles

The most important thing is still to have a hairstyle that fits you and your style. However, some trends can we see for 2006.
As usual, it is what is happening around us influencing fashion and is an extra focus on sport and society. more… World Cup Puts the Summer Hairstyles

Latest Trends in Hairstyles

When we think of the chignon, the first thing that comes to mind are the precise and neat hairstyles of ballet dancers, but over the years this hairstyle so elegant and graceful suffered a great evolution.

more… Latest Trends in Hairstyles

Short Curly Hair Fashion

After the proposals of curly hairstyles long for the ‘summer 2012, we offer you today those for short curly hair.

If your curls are very short, but not least rebels do not worry, you can sbizzaririvi with many new trendy and original.

more… Short Curly Hair Fashion

Coachella Festival Makeup

Coachella 2015 was an inspiration to many make up. Let us see what were the celebrity choices and make up the most sought …

The Coachella Festival, one of the most anticipated musical events of the year, takes place in California. Many artists and celebrities participating determining, with their look, the trends affecting the ‘hairstyle and makeup. Today we discover together what were the make-up used by the most famous faces but not only for the occasion many jobs were created that were inspired by the Coachella 2015, made ​​by famous Makeup artist or simple passionate girls in the industry.

more… Coachella Festival Makeup

Makeup Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone, born in 1985, the beautiful actress and TV presenter, after Miss Italy has achieved success in the entertainment world and showed that even very talented.

Proclaimed Miss Italy in 2008 Miriam Leone did not stop and, with tenacity and relentless pace has continued bringing his career to the stars.

His entry into show business began as a presenter at home Rai alongside Tiberio Timperi and, later, she launched into an acting career on the small screen but also to the movies and so, today, Miriam Leone is much loved by the public .

We have beautiful view and very good in the license plate Rai miniseries “The Veiled Lady” and now plays the part of Veronica Castle in the TV series broadcast on Sky “1992”.

more… Makeup Miriam Leone