New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

For the current “Miss Dior” campaign lets director Sofia Coppola in her video Natalie Portman dancing in a flowering garden.

Floral perfumes are among the most popular compositions among the feminine women’s fragrances and star of the floral fragrance range is the rose. This spring the perfumers of the big fashion houses give a lush bouquet of new, zesty fragrance compositions us freshly flowered. These new interpretations and editions of already well-known and prominent nose. In elegant bottles, the Queen of flowers can be how, already in the 7th century BC, the Greek poetess Sappho sang the rose, celebrating all the fragrant facets. more… New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

Fragrance for Spring

The sky is blue, the temperatures are getting warmer and the sun finally shines again: there is no doubt, spring is approaching and it is time to renew our collection of perfumes with new fresh fragrances and read.

There is nothing better than the sparkling notes of fruit, combined with the sweetness of the flowers, to celebrate the arrival of summer.

If you are tired of your perfume and you want to change it, get inspired by new fragrances created from the most exclusive brands.

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The 5 Best Men’s Fragrances

For you who are looking for men’s fragrances so much to give as a gift for their own use, we’re listing the 5 best selling perfumes and that appeal to the public.

1-) 212 Men (Carolina Herrera)

The male perfume 212 Carolina Herrera has fragrance, refreshing and attractive. Is nominated for the urban man, dynamic and modern. This perfume is a success until today! Released in 1999.

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Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint

You set sail! This new trend edition “Nauti Girl” Essence in invites you to leave for a summer vacation between July and August 2015. Climb aboard … with essence! New products with sparkling colors and summer.

The navy style is characterized by the colors blue, gray and red, and it is precisely the theme of the new trend edition of Essence, rich in new products such as nail polish, long-lasting lipstick and blush apricot-colored paperback with an anchor on texture. One of the many must-have is undoubtedly the blue waterproof eye pencil with sharpener built into the cap.

Do not miss even the limited edition fragrance that will give your skin a fresh, gentle sea breeze. Eight are the products that make up this new limited edition license plate Essence, let’s see them in detail: more… Essence Nauti Girl Eyebrow Tint

Lush Cosmetics Mother’s Day

An original idea to give away the occasion of Mother’s Day? Aimed at LUSH! The English brand offers a new fragrant floral and fruity theme designed specifically for this occasion.

Sweet news from LUSH! Delicate fragrance with a floral theme and many new features have been proposed for this occasion; to celebrate the best mom or to enjoy a moment of relaxation scented with strawberry shower gel or the infamous bath bombs. Among the various proposals there also were the gift packages already packaged and ready to be discarded.

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Lush Cosmetics Easter 2015

Looking for a gift idea for a different Easter from the usual chocolate egg? Here scented alternatives from Lush, but beware: you do not eat!

A colorful Easter, brilliant and undoubtedly smelling is LUSH license plate with its new proposals in limited edition.

The watchwords are color and good humor, and so, with these Easter novelties that ethical brand of British origin of fresh cosmetics brings a breath of color and scented novelty.

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