How to Use the Curvex

Using the curvex is simpler than you think, check out

To achieve a striking eye effect, double mascara and curvature is infallible.While the former lengthens and increases the volume of the lashes, the second has the power to make them well curved. more… How to Use the Curvex

Latisse, Grow Eyelashes and Appear

That woman never wished to have those eyelashes of envy… long, bent, bulky, that make the look even more attractive and fascinating? In an attempt to win them over anything goes: mascara (mascara muiiiiiiiiito), false eyelashes, to dye and permanent that can be done in beauty salons, but the result is significant. more… Latisse, Grow Eyelashes and Appear

How to do Manga Makeup

From Japan, the trend makeup to copy: the manga style to be as beautiful as a doll!

From fashion week can steal not only the latest trends in fashion for the next season, even the makeup becomes the star of the catwalks and can inspire us to be as beautiful as the top.

more… How to do Manga Makeup

Best Mascara Spring 2015

The new 2015 mascara, by the top of the most economical solutions range (but equally valid);

The mascara is one of the most loved beauty allies. Applied to complete the make-up or alone when there is little time, and in any case it is always indispensable. There is a mascara for every need even if the latest formulations tend to racchiuedere more effects in a single product. The new mascara are real “all-rounder”: volumizzano, bend, stretch, separate, comb, not least make the eyelashes of a beautiful deep black color.

Here are some novelties in 2015.

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Makeup to Bring out Yellow in Eyes

The trick to show off on March 8 is tinged with yellow: the makeup to show off at an exit with friends or with your him on this special day.

We saw it on the models during fashion week or led by the Most Beautiful Stars like Rihanna in the video for “Who’s That Chick,” we are talking of makeup in shades of yellow, a vivid color that immediately spring.

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