How to Make up Your Eyes to Look Bigger

To make up the eyes to make them look bigger you should be aware of a few simple rule: let us see how you can get excellent results for an intense look and deep, and much larger eyes.

Learn how to make up your eyes to make them look bigger is one of the most important things in a self-respecting make-up.

Here are some tips to have a deep look and make it look like eyes bigger with a few touches of stap by step right, pencil and cosmetics. more… How to Make up Your Eyes to Look Bigger

Eyebrows Guide

Do you want to have eyebrows marked without leaving the house? Then prepare the clamp, that this super guide of the BuzzFeed will help you on this mission.

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Plus Size Makeup Fashion for Brides

Makeup For Brides.

Wedding day is not the time to change your image or try new trends. So you should be aware in which makeup for brides will be ideal for this great day. Your looks should be modern for your photos, but not out of fashion, you have to continue to be recognized by everyone. more… Plus Size Makeup Fashion for Brides

How to Make 60s Makeup

How to make a make up the years ‘ 60 in a few easy steps. All instructions to highlight the look step by step in this article.

The strong character of this type of makeup comes naturally from the look, flashy and literally “exaggerated” but with style and class. The 60 ‘s makeup, perfect for all women with a passion for all things retro, brings out your eyes, expressive eyes and just think of the beautiful Twiggy, icon of those years, to fall in love with it. more… How to Make 60s Makeup

How to Have a Thin Face

To make your face stay thinner and does not necessarily have to lose weight, you might be in your ideal size, but your face is swollen or round. We will offer to you a different solution to be able to tune the face with a few simple tips. If you’re wondering how to get a slimmer face, pay close attention to the following. We will explain to you the best beauty tricks to get your face is thinner, without the need to resort to strict diets or surgery. Take note and let’s go!

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Coachella Festival Makeup

Coachella 2015 was an inspiration to many make up. Let us see what were the celebrity choices and make up the most sought …

The Coachella Festival, one of the most anticipated musical events of the year, takes place in California. Many artists and celebrities participating determining, with their look, the trends affecting the ‘hairstyle and makeup. Today we discover together what were the make-up used by the most famous faces but not only for the occasion many jobs were created that were inspired by the Coachella 2015, made ​​by famous Makeup artist or simple passionate girls in the industry.

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