Skin Care

Anti Aging Creams Based on Age

At what age should we start using anti-aging creams? We made ​​this question a thousand times, but we still can not find an answer! The truth is that we prefer to push the issue, but do not you think it’s time to face reality once and for all? There’s one important thing to know: the skin aging process starts already […]


Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips

Soft and long-lasting texture: they are long-lasting lipsticks, valuable allies of the make up of a woman, infallible weapon of seduction that does not need to greater turnover. The long-lasting lipstick is an essential beauty accessory and absolutely irreplaceable, is the infallible weapon of seduction of a woman. Inevitable star of the beauty case, owes its success to […]

Eyes Nails

50 Shades of Gray Makeup

Some ideas to recreate the make up of the film, or invent one all over again in the gray tones! 50 shades of gray is depopulated everywhere: if you want to pay homage also with make up, here’s some ideas for you.