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Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

DIY wedding Manicure, tips and secrets for a flawless result: lots of ideas to achieve a perfect manicure for DIY your wedding without going to work as a beautician! Not all brides want to indulge in a full session from a beautician including the manicure for wedding and many prefer to do it yourself; What is lacking, more […]


DIY: Illuminator in Pink

Good afternoon! There are make-up products entering us eyes but which we cannot or do not want to pay what they are worth. This is the case of the famosimo illuminator in pink Lancome:


How to Make a Polka Dot Nail Art

Introduction The nail art, that the decorations on the nails, are now all the rage and many wish they could create at home a professional manicure. In the following guide so we’ll see some helpful tips on how to make a nail art in polka dots in a simple and intuitive. The inspiration of decorum, […]


Nail Art: How to Draw Roses

Introduction Today take care of their hands no longer means making a simple manicure and a coat of enamel, in fact always have hands able to attract attention in a positive way, means above all use a decorative technique that takes the name of nail art.


DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples

Have a pimple is not a drama … but it always happens that if for one day in particular we want to look perfect, you stress or misfortune invariably that day we will wake up with a nice pimple! The next time you happen to know how to get rid of it thanks to these 5 DIY […]