Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

DIY wedding Manicure, tips and secrets for a flawless result: lots of ideas to achieve a perfect manicure for DIY your wedding without going to work as a beautician!

Not all brides want to indulge in a full session from a beautician including the manicure for wedding and many prefer to do it yourself; What is lacking, more often than not, is the idea to realize it’s not too complicated to put into practice from the Sun (or helped by a friend). First, we must take into account the style of dress and color, this way you’ll know which tint of Polish use and what fantasy will look good with the dress. Prepare your nails and your hands, nourishing them with almond oil or argan oil for at least two or three days; obtain glazes of various colors, nail glue, tweezers, nail file, nail scissors and a perfect manicure and maximum in creating the manicure for your wedding. more… Diy Wedding Manicure Tips

DIY: Illuminator in Pink

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There are make-up products entering us eyes but which we cannot or do not want to pay what they are worth. This is the case of the famosimo illuminator in pink Lancome: more… DIY: Illuminator in Pink

How to Make a Polka Dot Nail Art


The nail art, that the decorations on the nails, are now all the rage and many wish they could create at home a professional manicure. In the following guide so we’ll see some helpful tips on how to make a nail art in polka dots in a simple and intuitive. The inspiration of decorum, in this case, refers to the skirts worn by actresses in the seventies: polka dots, polka dots and even polka dots, colorful, lively and fun. Here’s the technique to have the beautiful nails and perfect to show off at a theme party, or even for a more casual look to use every day. Follow me step by step, then, and we proceed!

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Nail Art: How to Draw Roses


Today take care of their hands no longer means making a simple manicure and a coat of enamel, in fact always have hands able to attract attention in a positive way, means above all use a decorative technique that takes the name of nail art.

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DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples

Have a pimple is not a drama … but it always happens that if for one day in particular we want to look perfect, you stress or misfortune invariably that day we will wake up with a nice pimple! The next time you happen to know how to get rid of it thanks to these 5 DIY remedies to eliminate a pimple:


We saw 8 Fantastic Beauty Uses of Lemon as this citrus fruit is very useful for the welfare of our skin. The lemon can help us even when it comes to pimples. Apply lemon juice helps to dry and disinfect the pimple. In addition, it decreases the redness and alleviates pain.

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