The Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011: Grey Montaigne

When already one can say that we get full at Christmas time, they begin to appear at the same time the first images of what many of you will be waiting for you when recuperéis’s already so famous slope of January. more… The Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011: Grey Montaigne

Dior “Croisette” Collection

It is directly with the summer collection by Dior. Today I’ll show you the collection with the long name “Sun powder” “Diorskin nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder” in color “Honey”. You could also just say bronzer. more… Dior “Croisette” Collection

Dior Christmas Perfume Collection

The last part of the Christmas collection “Le Grand Bal” by Dior is the eponymous fragrance from the perfume series “La collection Privée Christian Dior” – unfortunately not everywhere gets these fragrances. Here in Germany the Dior boutiques, for example in Munich maximilianstr 18) or in the following shops:
• Alsterhaus Hamburg
• Douglas Königsallee Düsseldorf
• Breuninger Stuttgart (from end of November)
• KaDeWe Berlin (from end of November) more… Dior Christmas Perfume Collection

Anti Aging Creams Based on Age

At what age should we start using anti-aging creams? We made ​​this question a thousand times, but we still can not find an answer! The truth is that we prefer to push the issue, but do not you think it’s time to face reality once and for all? There’s one important thing to know: the skin aging process starts already after 20 years . Nothing alarmism, the skin is still toned and relaxed, but it is best to start using right now of anti-aging creams that idratino deeply the skin and help to prevent the first signs of aging.

more… Anti Aging Creams Based on Age

How to do Manga Makeup

From Japan, the trend makeup to copy: the manga style to be as beautiful as a doll!

From fashion week can steal not only the latest trends in fashion for the next season, even the makeup becomes the star of the catwalks and can inspire us to be as beautiful as the top.

more… How to do Manga Makeup

Dior Transat Summer 2014 Makeup

Chic and casual, the collection make up Summer 2014 Dior Transat is inspired by the casual elegance of the cruise and plays with the primary colors, look to create at the same time fresh and sophisticated.

It is inspired by the elegance and casual chic of the cruise collection make up Summer 2014 Dior Transat, playing with the primary colors to create natural look, modern and refined, where the tanned skin “sun-kissed ” gets married to a “look ultramarine blue”, to lips that shine with vibrant red and” nails decorated with sailor stripes”.

more… Dior Transat Summer 2014 Makeup

Lip Gloss Trends 2016

Discover along with UnaDonna what lipgloss trend for this Spring-Summer 2016.

The lipgloss are quick and easy to apply, leaving lips soft giving an immediate “repulping” effect.

The latest generation formulas are particularly comfortable and fit to be applied on the most chapped and dry lips. Rich in nutrients and moisturizing ingredients new gloss is not sticky but lovely texture are participating on the lips without being too heavy.

Based on current trends, the most loved gloss are those from ‘bare effect or semi-transparent, or very intense, so much to be confused with the lipsticks. In the first case it is lipgloss chosen with delicate shades to accompany a makeup intense eyes. In the second case, the focus shifts on the lips that become true partners of the make up.

Let’s see what are the very trendy lipgloss in recent months.

more… Lip Gloss Trends 2016

Best Lighting for the Eyes

The make-up miracle to have in beauty case to improve the look and the eye.

We’d all have a bright look and an eye contour rested every day, maybe what we have in the summer days on vacation without worries and everyday problems.
But when you’re in town and you are burdened with a thousand things to do, the only way is to resort to make-up, life-saving of all women.

more… Best Lighting for the Eyes

Julianne Moore Makeup Products

Julianne Moore, the beautiful American actress, a woman of incredible charm and timeless elegance. red hair and porcelain skin, loves makeup sophisticated and natural.

Julianne Moore strong woman, elegant and globetrotter (Scottish mother and military father) and, at the same time, very talented actress. Her beauty secret and the key to getting noticed is to be simple, with a touch of pure refinement.

Famous for her long red hair and porcelain skin, as well as important testimonial L’Oreal Paris, it is the ideal example of the fact that beauty is timeless and can be enhanced even more their mature age.

more… Julianne Moore Makeup Products

Makeup Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone, born in 1985, the beautiful actress and TV presenter, after Miss Italy has achieved success in the entertainment world and showed that even very talented.

Proclaimed Miss Italy in 2008 Miriam Leone did not stop and, with tenacity and relentless pace has continued bringing his career to the stars.

His entry into show business began as a presenter at home Rai alongside Tiberio Timperi and, later, she launched into an acting career on the small screen but also to the movies and so, today, Miriam Leone is much loved by the public .

We have beautiful view and very good in the license plate Rai miniseries “The Veiled Lady” and now plays the part of Veronica Castle in the TV series broadcast on Sky “1992”.

more… Makeup Miriam Leone