Dream Creamy Foundation, Tested The New Maybelline Makeup

Spring, time of releases and innovations in many cosmetic brands draws near. Today we bring you one of the main innovations in the face of this new season of the hand of Maybelline.

It is of the Dream Creamy Foundation, a cream makeup that is presented in a compact format boxed, a format that we’ve seen in other makeup as MAC Studio Tech. more… Dream Creamy Foundation, Tested The New Maybelline Makeup

News On the Beauty Industry

What’s new in cosmetics at the saga Beauty Fair?

The success of the enamel Remover wipes gained momentum in Brazil with the brand Océane. The beauty market did not offer many options, but now that is not going to miss is the product to remove glaze.

more… News On the Beauty Industry

How to Make Makeup Last Longer

Enamel is an element cosmetic really imperative for us women, especially for those who want to always have perfectly manicured hands. If we use the right products, can help us to protect and strengthen our nails or correct deficiencies. What is certain is that the care takes time and dedication, and it often happens that our nail polish is chipping just a few days after you apply it. However, there are some tricks to prolong the manicure our longer more… How to Make Makeup Last Longer

How to Use the Makeup on Your Behalf

They all want to be Kylie.

We, mere mortals, we can finally get a little closer to having the “mouth” of Kylie Jenner. That’s because the youngest of the Kardashian  or Jenner clan has just announced on Instagram the launch of its line of lipsticks. If we follow the reasoning that everything she wears turns into trend … more… How to Use the Makeup on Your Behalf

Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

The Creams And Substances That You Should Avoid

I’m pregnant! Can I continue to use my usual creams?

This is a question that plagues many women and not just in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Also part of the Group of pregnant women who have fears at this level, learn what the experts recommended in this area. more… Beauty Products for Pregnant Women

Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Today I came to talk about the Bésame cosmetics, a brand of makeup all vintage-inspired style and with all the glamour of the 40.

The founder of the brand is Gabriela Hernandez, who wanted to bring back art and romance for the cosmetic industry. She created a line that is rich in details and States that your inspiration for this was the combination of your background in art and design, a love of femininity and fond memories of your glamorous grandmother. more… Vintage Inspired Cosmetics

Best Lighting for the Eyes

The make-up miracle to have in beauty case to improve the look and the eye.

We’d all have a bright look and an eye contour rested every day, maybe what we have in the summer days on vacation without worries and everyday problems.
But when you’re in town and you are burdened with a thousand things to do, the only way is to resort to make-up, life-saving of all women.

more… Best Lighting for the Eyes

Best Lipstick for Spring 2015

Still you do not feel, but spring is coming. Discover with us the trends, textures, finish that will dictate the trends for 2015.

The trend for Spring 2015 suggest lips in the foreground for a make up lively and fresh.Whether you are lovers of nude color, or the brighter ones will certainly find the lipstick for you among the many proposals of various cosmetic brand.

In Spring you can never miss the pastel tones, ideal to wear even on the lips with shades of pink, peach and coral. Green light for even the most daring colors, first of all the Marsala and follow all the shades of the eternal red, the shade with blue undertone (perfect to reveal your teeth whiter), the one with orange hues, the burgundy, the red cherry.

more… Best Lipstick for Spring 2015

Lush Cosmetics Mother’s Day

An original idea to give away the occasion of Mother’s Day? Aimed at LUSH! The English brand offers a new fragrant floral and fruity theme designed specifically for this occasion.

Sweet news from LUSH! Delicate fragrance with a floral theme and many new features have been proposed for this occasion; to celebrate the best mom or to enjoy a moment of relaxation scented with strawberry shower gel or the infamous bath bombs. Among the various proposals there also were the gift packages already packaged and ready to be discarded.

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Julianne Moore Makeup Products

Julianne Moore, the beautiful American actress, a woman of incredible charm and timeless elegance. red hair and porcelain skin, loves makeup sophisticated and natural.

Julianne Moore strong woman, elegant and globetrotter (Scottish mother and military father) and, at the same time, very talented actress. Her beauty secret and the key to getting noticed is to be simple, with a touch of pure refinement.

Famous for her long red hair and porcelain skin, as well as important testimonial L’Oreal Paris, it is the ideal example of the fact that beauty is timeless and can be enhanced even more their mature age.

more… Julianne Moore Makeup Products