What You Need to Know about The Makeup Prebases

The prebases or primers they have become indispensable products before makeup ritual. The market will already find multitude of prebases with different features and applications that will help to make our look perfect. more… What You Need to Know about The Makeup Prebases

New Nail Polishes Chanel

Risk to remain without new nail polishes of Chanel, is becoming, for the entire 2012, an issue that is dear to all fashion victims. This time, the long-awaited mineral colors are three glazes: Graphite, Quartz and Peridot. They are presenting.

Wait for the arrival of new nail polishes of Chanel is becoming almost a competitive discipline! And Yes, because Chanel, as with all 2011, also for the 2012 promises stunning limited editions for her beloved enamels and unobtainable. Things will definitely so, even for new long-awaited # 529 Graphite, # 531 Peridot and # 525 Quartz. more… New Nail Polishes Chanel

Chanel Hair Cut Style 2016

I think that only those who know me well know that the release was to cut my hair. I’ve told this story, but the truth is that when I was about about 15 years, I cut my hair just above her shoulders, a longer chanel and loved. Where it can seem bullshit, but I read in Capricho magazine that the “fashion” was long hair and the boys liked girls with long hair. But I was an insecure teenager with the body and with hair, that he was not satisfied with his image and that when he finally manages to see beautiful, is the biggest fashion reference to me at the time to say that I was doing everything wrong to me fit. It may seem not, but it sapped my head and I let my hair grow, even never having liked him long. It was not until my 21 years.

more… Chanel Hair Cut Style 2016

50 Shades of Gray Makeup

Some ideas to recreate the make up of the film, or invent one all over again in the gray tones!

50 shades of gray is depopulated everywhere: if you want to pay homage also with make up, here’s some ideas for you.

more… 50 Shades of Gray Makeup