Temptu Makeup Spray

What do you think to see the photo above? The first time I saw it, I was reminded of that which is said sometimes, “painted like a door”. That is because the Airbrush It is linked in my imagination to works such as painting a wall or a car, for example. However, does not only for that, as you know those who work in design and photography, and can be used for work and very delicate finishes. more… Temptu Makeup Spray

Tips for Prang in Blush

The BLUSH is a super ally and makes a lot of difference in time for makeup, that we know. But who’s not afraid of making mistakes in time to spend? For experts, it is not necessary to do drama or stop using this produtinho by fear. The essential tip is try it! Just testing you will have the certainty and security of what’s best for your face. I separated some tips to give a “help” at the time of the make-up, come on? more… Tips for Prang in Blush

Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

For those who like natural makeup and super light, today brought an option of Yasmin Brunet, which is a registered trademark of model through which it passes. A fan of beautiful mythological creatures, the girl created a mermaid make-up named “Mermaid Lit”.

more… Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

Makeup For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are coming, so it’s time to learn two makeup perfect for Christmas and new year.

more… Makeup For Christmas and New Year