Sweet Flavor Big Universe 2016

This news is not new, but it’s worth the show on the website, since the high winter season is still coming …

During the SPFW, the brand Big universe brought new Polish collection entitled Sweet Flavor -all inspired by the movie”Mary Poppins” (1964). There are four colors: Caramel (caramel brown), Lemonade (Whiting discreet and open), Cherry (classic wine) and, finally, Grey Cream (gray with subtle touches of green).

The suggested price for each enamel by Big universe is: R$ 1.80 (8.5 ml) and 3.00 R$ (15.5 ml).

A little about the film Mary Poppins: a classic of cinema of the musical genre. The film tells the story of a nanny (magic every kid wanted)-Mary Poppins who takes care of the children of a banker. The nanny brings lessons for the whole family (including parents) and strengthens the family bond. The film is so magical and wonderful! The lively part of the film is super cool.Imagine creating a movie at that time (1964)?

Not to mention the costumes of Poppins – which is always a charm. The beautiful actress Julie Andrews is always an inspiration of beauty to our eyes. Who never seen this movie, you need to see!

When you know the story behind the inspiration of any “fashion”, everything becomes much more attractive. I can understand the reason for each color of Sweet Flavor collection Big universe.

Certainly, the collection of Sweet Flavor is to launch a lot of female hands on the biggest magic style “lady like”- Julie Andrews.

I want to know what you think! Like the colors of these glazes Big universe? What’s your favorite? Account, chicks! I love to hear you.