Supersize False Lashes Look Mascara

In early December I have the DM Supersize false lashes look mascara get from Manhattan, to you as a product tester for free to try and evaluate. The review ran through a questionnaire that was sent by mail to the market research company. Because I very well like the mascara, I imagine but also like to here it in the blog.

Plus points

  • The mascara keeps all day without crumble or otherwise distribute such as in the face.
  • The mascara can be removed with the Microfleecetüchern of Iobella well with warm water.
  • De MSRP is EUR 6.50, if I really noticed me. This is a real bargain price for the good product.

Neutral aspect

  • The mascara makes no real false Eyelash effect – but real, nice, defined lashes in second order. Therefore: Name not quite fitting in my opinion – very nice effect. On the eye photo by me, I am otherwise completely unadorned.

Minus point

  • The brush is huge and then also still half circle-shaped bent. Thus no goof the mascara to apply is real great art. It is not suitable for beginners or less skilled hands.


A good mascara, I will gladly buy if my stocks are empty. I will recommend they like without obligation.