Summer Nail Polish: Color Changing in the Sun

We have a super special tip for you compose your look: summer Nail Polish trend, which change color under the Sun! If you are tired of conventional polishes and want to bet on something more daring and different, this is the time.

This kind of enamel already exists abroad for a long time. Before, the change was pretty decent, but currently she is radical. As if by magic, blue turns purple and gold turn gray.

This time of year is easier people expose themselves to the Sun, so this product is known as the “summer enamel”.

How does it work?

In contact with sunlight, the light-colored enamel darkens. The grimlock lighter or pastels are stronger and more intense.

Why is this so?

The enamel contains special pigment particles, they reproduce a different colour when exposed to UV light. It is important to know that this change of color of the enamel comes into contact with sunlight (UV). If you try to do the test with any other type of light, this change will not occur.

How to apply?

Apply it like any other Nail Polish. Pass two layers on each nail so that the effect is intensified.

Trivia- enamel summer

-A legal fact about this Polish, is that you can use the base for nails normally. The use of it does not change the effect providedby the glaze that changes color.

-Some colors that sort of enamel are quite pale and sometimes appear little nails while you’re in the shade. So, not to keep the nails off, it is recommended that you spend a nude tone or even a white underneath. This causes your nails stay with the appearance of “made”, even in the shade. Just be careful with the dark tones, as they may interfere with the final color of your enamel.

-These glazes cause always a big surprise when exposed to the Sun,what makes nails more fun. This change interferes in everything from the handsto the look that you are using on the day.

Where to find?

You can find the color changing nail polish in TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA.