Summer Haircut Trend 2016

Is in order to give a change in visual?

So now’s the time … How about no!?

Yes, since the temperatures are already up there, the tip is to invest in boldness, in a court that is making the head of the famous and fashionistas, the modern Joãzinho.

Synonymous with practicality, Johnny is a tendency in modern summer 2016, can be used in many ways, since behaved in a more romantic style, until all messy, fraying, a rebellious vibe.

No wonder that this Court comes “the head” of many women, because they are practical, modern and super sexy!

Contrary to what many women think, short hair, in the style Johnny, can also be a symbol of femininity.

And it is not today that began to gain strength, especially the hair style Johnny modern, the one with the smaller side, or undercut, that ended up falling to the overjoyed after he was seen gracing the head of the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson.

Above, Scarlett Johansson and his cut which has been one of the most requested in the main halls of the world since she appeared on the red carpet.
In fact, this short hair, is inspired by the iconic actress Mia Farrow’s hair-they are slightly longer and are backward or natural hairstyles.

But fit different readings … of the cuts more comportadinhos even the most stylish and fashion.
What is not lacking inspirations.
There are several ways to use the Johnny, which should take into account the face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.
The truth is that those who try the short cut falls in love with practicality, everything to do with our days more and more restless and corridos.
The fact is that the short Johnny is being increasingly seen in major red carpets, and is one of the main stakes for the 2016 Summer here in Brazil!
And there, excited to enter the 2016 Summer with a new cut and super modern?

OK, so, if you’re already there planning to cut your hair in the style modern Johnny, here’s a tip, keep well guardadinha good old flat iron, because the Court, in the current version, gives emphasis to the natural shape of the yarn, which is great, as well as save time and light, of course, your yarn will thank this holiday.

Of course, before you play this trend of 2016 Summer haircut, the trick is to find a competent professional, since the Court is super rad, then you need to keep in mind a few little secrets that will make all the difference in the time to compose a look, like, for example, day by day, appeal to a good powder or dry shampoo texturizer in the root and then finish with your fingers.

Now, who wants a touch more glamorous, the tip is to use your dryer, to add volume at the top of the head or even create a side bangs.
Anyway, the modern Joãzinho, although super short, allows many different productions, as a boyish cut modern, à la Michelle Williams, or a short “romantic”, such as Natalie Portman, until a more rebellious like Keira Knightley … IE, can be used in various ways, even the classic way.

And then, convinced to join the fashion of cut Johnny modern?