Style Icons over 50, We Learn from Them

Not you are so real cool youngster, but the women who can draw on a wealth of experience. Our stars and bloggers know how it styles itself.

The Minimalist

We all want to be as cool as the 61 year-old New Yorker. Lyn Slater loves the monochrome world of colors and in spite of all simplicity, it creates the style icon, rebellious look. Thanks to Accessories, glasses and hair cut. The grey hair she wears to the undercut shaved, that mushroom head long falls great spirited in the face. When she’s not blogging, Lyn teaches as a Professor of sociology at the University.Their experience with aging: “many people say, they are always invisible with age. With me it was exactly the opposite. I’ve dared more. Her blog Accidental Icon provides great inspiration for unusual.

We can learn by Lyn Slater: It needs only simple basics in black and white, to look cool. Fancy accessories to combine to make the look visible: sunglasses, brooches in geometric shapes, large button clip earrings, interesting black and white patterns, flashy bags. It is important to also play with materials-and the quality of fabrics.When it comes to hairstyles, she’s shown us: it may be quietly what Wilde. It fits to the type, not silly is also a fancy hairstyle or misplaced.

The Dixie

To share their moments of Mick Jagger, with the whole world. The Canadian is Melanie pure Joie de vivre, her knallbunter look inspired.Your blog Bag and a Baret is as eccentric as they do-their email address speaks for itself: our site.

We can learn that from Melanie: Just be an Angsthäschen. Combine what is the wardrobe. When you’re wearing bold outfits, you must present them with a matter of course. Attitude is needed! With this method you can give parts from last season incidentally also wonderfully new honor-or from the penultimate.

The Forever Young At-Heart

How can she just do that? Actress Sophie Marceau still so young looks as if she could just turn a third part of “La Boum”. The 49 year old Frenchwoman told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine” her beauty secret: “this is especially hard work. I go to bed early and rarely. I eat all these awful healthy things, I am, and if I have to taken three kilos, I get bad mood.” Ooops, that sounds like a hard price, Marceau has to pay. But one must really so strictly deal with himself? No, we find. Because just the extra relaxation we are so proud!

We can learn that Sophie Marceau: Sports – Yes. Healthy eating-Yes. Diet-only if it must be unconditional. Skin care and sunscreen–absolutely. Hair dye – cheat us just a few more years younger!

The beauty expert

She is world famous. 58. and blogs. The former model, style icon and incarnation of the Parisienne Inès de la Fressange shows about what inspires them, and sells them in her Paris boutique, on their side, “La lettre d ‘ Inès”. For the label UNIQLO has designed it just his own collection. Her style: a hint of reduced elegance and a big helping of practicality, basics. Her fashion must-have for the summer: White jeans – and the bottom cut hem. During the day with sandals, evening with high heels. You can help just about.

We can learn that from Inès de la Fressange: Understatement can be strikingly pretty. Cuts and materials must be, fashion must be not necessarily expensive. Classic blouses in fresh blue tones can shine eyes, ballerinas always go, long floral dresses are perfect not only for market spree, you can run also in the restaurant. If the outfit is simple, red lipstick and nails are mandatory. A perfect hair cut of course.

The icon

Iris Apfel is the oldest icon of fashion in New York. She was the first woman who wore a pair of jeans in the 1950s. Her huge OWL glasses and their colourful style now known all over the world. The 94 with the concise name and yet striking style has become eccentricity pur and actually famous, because she dressed sofas, armchairs and curtains from Palm Beach to New England in historical patterns. “Old World Weavers” said the company, which she ran with her husband.Search drives to them after the perfect fabric today, still the Style iconunder no circumstances is it.

What we she can learn, she revealed in an interview with Brigitte Woman: “can only have style, who knows himself well. And get to know yourself takes time. The biggest mistake a woman can make, is to look in the mirror and not recognize themselves. Uniqueness is hard work. We live in a world of quick gratification, about zack, zack going.Only those who manage to point out its own personality through fashion looks authentic. Some achieve this with minimalism, others with pomp and glitter. I love flashy jewelry. People get far too many thoughts on what others think.”