Stiletto Nails-How To Make And Care

Nothing better than being inside the fashion and trends. Especially women who are well connected to the fashion world, like to be always in the news. But talking about fashion and trends is something very vague, covering many subjects. The sets can include clothes, shoes, hair, and even the nails. That’s right, the nails has also been a big target of trends. And a trend that is in evidence for some time and has called enough attention are the nails stiletto. Meet the new sets of nails that is making the ladies heads.

How to do Nails Stiletto

To do nails stiletto is very simple, in the case of natural nails they must be a little big, and the nails should be glued and dry.

With the help of pliers you will cut your nails on the sides, and with the sandpaper to give the finish. And it is with the sandpaper you will set size, fineness and other details of the nail.

Then just paint and decorate as you’d like.

The following two videos teaching how to do nails stiletto, in case one is natural and the other is fake. Check out the following and do not waste time, make your …


Nails stiletto style can be as natural as fake. Women who have difficulty for nail growth, may prefer the use of acrylic nails.

Both options are simple to make, but each has the care your specific, such as the duration, because the last natural nail and nail another.

To have a beautiful nail in Stiletto style is need, but be very careful so we don’t stay.

Size, in terms of length and how sharp the nail will be, it is you who will decide.

Keep nails always painted very well, is that will make your nails more beautiful still. Bet on nail arts, and related applications to decorate your nails, whether they are natural or fake.