Step By Step Spring Makeup

Finally spring is here, the days start to get slightly more colorful and cheerful. It stops reflecting on our mood, in nature, in the clothes and even the makeup that we use. With this change, in th or the time to change the combinations and the spring makeup is a good option.

Step By Step Spring Makeup

Video-spring Makeup

For makeup, use cheerful and vibrant shades. And you can find the video tutorial in Topmbadirectory.

Step 1-First you can prepare the skin, in case you didn’t know, click here.On the whole eyeliddeposita fixativecan bewith the same finger. It is important to cover the region.

Step 2 – (c) ome EC vanishing the concave of the eyes, us ando a dark brown shadow.

Step 3 -Now use also a Brown shadow clear, to make a gradient on concave area of the eyes.

Step 4 -With a synthetic bristle brush apply a primer on mobile eyelid. The trick is to stretch the eyelid leaving lisa and allowing the brush slide better.

Step 5 -Pass a pink champagne shadein tom of courseonly inmobile eyelid.

Step 6-Using a lighter shade of purple, with a pencil brush, apply in the inside corner of the eye, pulling a bit tonearthe nose.

Step 7 -Using a black pencil, apply on line, without getting the lower eyelashes, apply also on the inside top.

Step 8 -Now with a short bristle brush, a darker shade of purple, very close to the lower lashes.

Step 9 – Use the eyeliner Black liquid.

Step 10 – Use the mask of cilia and paste the false eyelashes.

Step 11 -Retouching the concealer below the eyes.

Step 12 – If you have not prepared fully to skin, p ara the contour of the face, use the powder bronzer.

Step 13 – Pass the illuminator in the cheekbones, going up to the temples. If it gets too marked, vanish.

Step 14 – Finalize your spring makeup with a pink lipstick pink matte.