Step by Step Makes for the New Year

Soon 2016 is knocking on our door and it’s time to get organized for the new year’s arrival. Many like to spend new year’s with family and friends in a big party, whether at home, on the field or on the coast. And if there’s a party has to have a good production!Be inspired by these makes for the big day.

See what the look is fashion in 2016.

Starting to assemble the make

Well, what’s really going to differentiate the makeup are the colors of eye shadow, lipstick, blush, a good illuminator, among others. So leave already prepared initial part is to apply the primer, base,concealer and powder, in that order.

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Neutral-makeup step by step

  • apply a dark brown shade shadow on concave of the eyes (the part between the eyelid and the bone) with the help of a brush ponytail;
  • make circular movements and comes and goes to blending the shadow;
  • to light below the eyebrow apply a champagne color with a brush;
  • come back with the blending brush a bit of dark brown up and mixing lightly with tom champagne (the idea is don’t be a dividing line leaving the most natural);
  • using the sponge brush, apply gold shadow of course throughout the mobile eyelid, leaving the outside corner free of pigment;
  • with the help of beveled brush apply a black shadow with him diagonally on the eyelid that was not pigmented by Golden shadow;
  • come back with the ponytail brush for blending, leaving the most natural;
  • with a synthetic bristle brush apply a fixative of shadows on the Golden part of the eyelid;
  • now, also with the synthetic bristle brush, go depositing a gold glitter on the clearest of eyelid;
  • using a shade of dark brown shimmer, apply it with a brush of sponge between the part of the glitter and the black part of the eyelid giving an effect of continuity;
  • come back with the beveled brushto remove the marking;
  • apply the eyeliner in black color forming a thicker line and at the end doing theeyeliner kitten;
  • also pass the eyeliner or pencil on the waterline of the eyes and then busts a little with a brush;
  • above, apply shadow color dark brown not to be so marked;
  • in the inside corner of the eye, apply the Illuminator with the help of a lipstick brush;
  • apply the mask of Cilia;
  • now just apply the lipstick the color of your preference, and may be darker or lighter;

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