Step By Step How to Make the Perfect Eyebrow

In this article we will show you step by step to have perfect eyebrows.

1-Prepare the skin with a makeup remover, if necessary. If the skin present oil, pass an astringent. Finally, use an exfoliant to do a good cleaning.

2-Take a geometric ruler of eyebrows (to do the design, because around the iris of the eye), in case you haven’t, use a normal ruler.

3-With an eyeliner or eyebrows, make appointments to be based on prior to beginning the procedure. The black lines are the places you should position the ruler to find the red lines (where you should check with your pencil).

-Select the bow of Cupid.

-To find the high point of the nose, place the ruler vertically based on the arc of Cupid.

-To find the high point of the eyebrow, keep your head straight and look forward, tilt the ruler of the high point of the nose to the middle of the iris of the eye until it reaches the top of the eyebrow and do the markup.

-To find the end of the eyebrow, tilt the ruler from the side of the nose, with the outer corner of your eye until you reach the end and make the appointment.

4-Measure the body and the wings of both eyebrows.

5-With a ruler mark also the height of eyebrows, to see if they are aligned. Beware if you are with the head straight, not to differences in height as the following image:

6-Draw with a white pencil around the design of the eyebrow, which is outside with the demarcation of the pencil, remove with tweezers. To better visualize, use a template that has the same design of your eyebrow. From the measurements, you can correct if one is shorter (leaving the longer minor) or lower (except for the hairs on top of the highest, to match the other).

7-With an Earwig cut by that are longer than the other. Do it always above the eyebrows, never down.

8-With an eyebrow pencil cover flaws and with a little brush fix the hairs.

9-Light (with a clear shadow illuminator in pen or powder) under the eyebrows from the high point until the end, to enhance the look. Take care not to leave much lighter than your skin tone. If the illuminator is powder, is ideal for a little bit, after merging done that your eyebrows are ready!

The image in Searchforpublicschools will serve as a guide to perfect eyebrow.