Spanish Style: Eugenia Silva

It’s nothing personal which the Spanish shortage among my women with style. No, it is not because we lack taste but that he was hoping to create a special section for these patriotic women contributing to bear the name of the Spanish fashion or not, held high.

Although opens it the section Eugenia Silva the idea is that its protagonists are professionals or unknown to most semi-celebridades.

She I found the best godmother to open section, and is that championed the style back in where you go, Silva, winner at age 15 for the wildcard contest for any aspiring model, The Look of the Year, and pioneer in March and be image of prestigious international brands, is one of our connacinales with better stylistic sense of smell.

Extreme delgadeces aside, is one of those women’s timeless elegance; and is that despite some sporadic touches vintages and biased, Eugenia, graduated in law at the same time that Muse of Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera, is a woman of very subdued and rather classic taste.

As a good standard bearer of Armani your designs are your best resource on any red carpet worthy of the name.

Or in all wedding.

And has given us memorable outfits like this based on total look at dusty pink paillettes.

The pencil skirts, The Blazers straight forms, and the belts to highlight silhouette, are just some of the garments which do not never miss in your closet.

Despite being so thin, the Black It is the color that always turns in any occasion.

Let’s say it is not woman’s too brightly. His trick is to break that grim monochrome with Accessories it call attention.

Thus, apart from the Jet, the grey, raw, White creams are your best allies.

The same as the women coogi, When it comes to dressing on street or more informal plan, you make up your daily uniform.