Small Tattoos Designs for Guys

Tattoos little man: what to do and where to get them? The question is not simple, taking into account the fact that a tattoo is not at all easy to remove; Therefore, you should be sure of what you are doing before you start decorating themselves under the skin. And especially since, in many working environments, tattoos in sight are considered disadvantageous.

Of course we are in 2015, and stiffness in this way has slightly weakened compared to the past, but many employers still do not see a good eye too flashy designs that appear from under the clothes of their employees. For these reasons many people prefer to get tattoos of modest size, perhaps not immediately visible areas of your body.

Moreover, the choice in the field of small tattoos but beautiful is almost boundless: potentially it is possible to get tattooed anything you want, and the only real limit is the skill of the tattooist hand. So if you want to treat yourself to a tattoo , but you are afraid of the consequences at work, do not despair: you can always resort to small decorations, but they can draw in ideas or highly important items for you (or even just be aesthetically appreciable).


Among the male small tattoos, there are many that can be played on any part of the body. And almost everyone has an intrinsic value that goes far beyond the simple display of a decoration. The significant small tattoos are in fact among the not of little more popular, because they possess two merits account: the first is to be easily concealable; the second, to make up (directly or indirectly) at specific times of their lives important enough to want to be forever etched on their skin.

Considering the tattoos of animals for example, one of the most common of these is the eagle, which represents the free spirit and is a symbol of power.The dog symbolizes loyalty and protection instead, characteristics popularly attributed to this animal, and similar meaning for sailors has the drawing of a dolphin. The rage is also the koi carp, typical of Japanese tattoos: represents immortality and the indomitable courage, for it is said that this fish is able to climb the falls until you reach the Dragon Gate, and at that point he could transform into the dragon and achieve immortality (fans of

The actual animals are however not the only ones to be selected as the drawings: widespread are also reproductions of mythological beasts such as dragons, a symbol of wisdom and determination, or phoenix, the famous representation of rebirth and resurrection cyclical. In addition, considerable fortune also found depictions of animal fairs considered guiding in many tribal and aboriginal traditions, such as the bear (strength, introspection) or wolf (courage, loyalty to the pack and cunning). Would however be avoided, at least for the male gender, solutions almost exclusively of women such as tattoos with butterflies (representatives precisely the feminine).

The use of animal symbolism is not the only solution in case of having to resort to a dense tatoo meanings. Good examples of designs that have nothing to do with the brutal depictions are the tattoos inscribed transliterated in eastern graphemes (especially lucky were, in this sense, tattoos with inscriptions consist of  logos Chinese or Japanese kanji characters), Polynesian tattoos, tribal tattoos and Maori tattoos.

the Pokémon most avid certainly find the necessary similarities between this legend and the evolution of Magikarp into Gyarados).


But wanting to be a discreet tattoo, what are the best places? Let’s go now to see the pros and cons of each area of the body including those more choices to come decorated.

young man on the shoulder tattoos

It is a solution very widespread, because it represents a middle ground between the glitz and ease of concealment: in the workplace, will be enough to wear just a simple T-shirt to hide the drawing. However the shoulder is anyway a simple area to discover if necessary, and just very little (for example, a tank) to give off its tattoo. Note: considering the space between your shoulder blades instead of the humerus, it is worth remembering that this area is particularly painful to treat.

Small tattoos on the wrist

Simple, discreet and trendy, the solution of the small tattoo on the wrist is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the very young. It does not represent an excessively demanding choice because of its compact size, and at the same time allows you to draw on your own body part (small or large) of their own history. However it is worth remembering that the wrist remains an area difficult to cover, so-even if the tattoo can be sober and minutes -may not be ideal for environments that evaluate tattoos negatively views. Also this area, being close to the bones and crossed by a large number of nerve endings, is definitely sensitive to the needles.

Tattoos little man calf

Slightly more sensitive than the thighs, the calf is a very elegant solution as a choice area for getting a tattoo, and it therefore suits motif often delicate(inscriptions and drawings sweet characters, depictions floral) rather than aggressive representations. For this reason, it is one of the solutions preferred by women together at the ankles.

Tattoos little man forearm

The forearm is a particularly beautiful area to be tattooed, far from nerve endings and which ensures good visibility. However it is ideal for moderately sized drawings (or large) and with a well-defined continuum, rather than for tattoos too small at risk of “getting lost.”

Tattoos small breast height

Also this area is usually chosen for tattoos particularly large, such as large tribals that they can enhance the great visual impact. However, it is possible to use small-sized designs to decorate the pectoral, usually expressing a preference for the right or the left, rather than be tattooed to the level sternum (especially in the case of a very broad chest: at that point is preferable a solution more challenging, but at the same time certainly more harmonic with respect to the characteristics of this part of the body).