Skincare Steps Before Makeup

5 easy steps to a flawless skin and ready to make up. To find out the top 15 products view our gallery.

A perfect base is the first step for a flawless makeup. Beautiful skin, in fact, helps to make the face immediately fresher and rested, also allowing you to enhance the beauty of the same make up. But how to obtain a basis for the perfect makeup? Just follow 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Hydration

It is the first step to a fresh and velvety. Moisturize the skin before makeup drafting is very important to keep it soft all day. The moisturizer should be appropriate for your skin type, not too greasy for combination skin, nourishing for the driest skin. The cream should be spread on cleansed skin with a gentle massage to awaken the complexion. On very oily skin it may be sufficient a specific serum. It is very important not to forget the eye.

Step 2: Primer

There are different types of primer, some designed to correct discolored complexion, the other to create a perfectly smooth base and without imperfections. On a combination skin and tendency to have pimples it is important to apply a natural-based primer, to choose from with matting ingredients. On a dry skin, however, it is preferable to apply a nutrient primers that keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. The primer can also be made ​​in a DIY cleverly combining a mix of products, follow our tips to make it happen yourself.

Step 3: Foundation

Creamy or solid, liquid or powder, whatever choice the foundation remains a must for a perfect and flawless skin. It helps to minimize small blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and expression lines. The foundation should be chosen so that it is as close as possible to your skin tone, to blend into the skin and not create deadlifts with the neck.

Step 4: Concealer

According to the makeup rules featured on Answerresume, it should be applied first if you use a powder foundation, after if the fund is liquid or solid. The latest generation correctors, however, have a very fine texture and blend in the incarnate like a second skin, without thickness. The concealer is important to correct and enlighten the darkest areas of the face, remove fatigue and minimize and expression lines.

Step 5: Powder

Crucial to set makeup and keep it unchanged counteracting lucidity. Choosing a powder of silica rich HD you will get an effect “porcelain skin”, perfectly smooth and minimized pores.On a dull complexion, however, better to choose a powder pink satin effect or to give radiance elegantly. The product should be spread over the entire face using a “pennellone” in soft bristles. If your skin tends to get shiny easily better to opt for a mattifying version, insisting on the application area T. To know how to choose the right face powder for you follow our advice.