Skin Dryness of Your Elbows

Happened you ever, do not you realized that you had your elbows skin dry, scaly and cracked. This discomfort is commonly known as alligator skin, is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Elbow skin dryness and discoloration can make you feel terrible when you use short-sleeved or sleeveless blouses and say when you wear dresses. The solution is not to constantly cover to hide your elbows skindry and flaky, it is best to treat the skin of your elbows. Is the skin of your elbows, damp or dry, hard or flexible, there are many factors that can cause the development of skin dry and rough in elbows.
The cold and dry winter temperature can worsen skin and make skin irritation and crack. Another factor are the luso of detergents, strong soaps or spend much time in the shower with very hot water. In addition to environmental factors and lifestyle that may cause elbows dry, conditions skin diseases as psoriasis andeczema may contribute to your problem. A few elbows with skin reseca are unsightly, skin irritated of the elbow also makes you feel uncomfortable. How is the skin of your elbows. When know that the skin is dry and cracked,? the answer is, When you doblas elbows you feel the taut skin and they tend to crack, another sign is when this rough, similar to the skin of crocodiles, hence its common nickname.
Feeling dry and cracked makes you want to scratch, to worsen more and can create open and bleeding wounds. Treatment for dry skin from your elbows can solve it, exfoliate and damping skin. Use a spongescrub or make your own Exfoliator sugar in equal amounts of brown sugar and olive oil based. Gently massages the skin of your elbows, with circular movements for 2 or 3 minutes, to remove dead skin.Rinse well. Importantly, apply a moisturizing cream that contains vitamin A and E or massaging the skin of your elbows with almond oil, as long as necessary, until it is absorbed and return to its normal state.
Can prevent that the skin of the elbows becomes dry and rough to avoid the air conditioner for a long time. Avoid long showers and hot, the advisable of 3 or 4 minutes. Apply cream moisturizing after showering, to capture the moisture, and take plenty of water to hydrate your body.