Short Hair: More than 50 Pictures for Inspiration

Today, the short hair shows a strong personality and striking the woman. It is not difficult to find women who don’t cut their hair because the men find the most beautiful long. But, you should do what you want and not what others say. If you want a haircut, then cut the hair.

Learn how to take good care of your short hair curly.

You can make a radical cut, leaving the strands well shorts such as the Johnny style cut. A great type of cut is one that is in line with the shoulder 1 1 or 2 fingers below it. You can make layers and play a little more with the Court. The short hair is an alternative to rejuvenate the visual.

Cutting your hair short

Some women are afraid to cut my hair because they think they can never do anything different about him. For example, a most special occasion like a wedding or a dinner party, you can makemodern hairstyles and nice for the occasion even with short hair.

Types of cuts for short hair

Cut peaked for short hair


Here, the hair is short, but the bangs and the sides of the hair are slightly larger in length. It is possible to make the cut in layers too. In this case, the ideal is to dry the hair with the fingers to give it that “messy effect” and highlight the uneven ends.

Afro short hair cut


Many women with afro hair cut quite short wires on behalf of chemical relaxers. Many years ago, Black Power was very famous and nowadays we see that very constant, but in a way remodeled, with irregular sizes.

Here’s how you should make the capillary transition correctly.

Cut Bob for short hair


This Court is quite famous and managed to go through years and years as one of the choicest cuts of all time. This type of cut, there will be a longer front and neck a little shorter, but anything exaggeration. When the hair is smooth, this irregularity is more visible.

Pixie cut for short hair


He was known as Johnny and today gained a few variations, changing your name to Pixie. Here you will have the hair short and frayed. A striking feature of this Court are the cutlets well shreds. The ideal is to leave it aside for valuing the layers made during cutting.

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